Woods Fire On Smith Lake High Incline Stone Bluff

by | Dec 12, 2017 | County News, Cullman

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Woods Fire On Smith Lake High Incline Stone Bluff

Firefighters from Logan Fire & Rescue along with Crane Hill Communities Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched by Cullman e911 late this afternoon.

Additionally, the Cullman Division of the Alabama Forestry Commission has their personnel and heavy equipment involved.

The location at which these agencies have been called is along County Road 366 near Pea Ridge Road.

They are working a grass and woods fire currently confined to an area on a steep incline, stony bluff on the shores of Smith Lake.


Forestry fire dozers are working to put down a fire line while about a dozen firefighters work inside the perimeter.

We just spoke with Maurice Reynolds of Logan Fire:

“The area on fire is 5 to 6 acres. The real challenge comes from this being on a steep rocky bluff. We appreciate the Forestry Service coming out to assist; this is not an easy fire to get under control.”

No structures are directly endangered. There have been no injuries to firefighters or bystanders reported so far.

County Road 366

Woods Fire On Smith Lake High Incline Stone Bluff

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