Hanceville Police Raid Squalid Indoor Marijuana Production Operation

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Hanceville Police Raid Squalid Indoor Marijuana Production Operation
Two Children Taken By DHR Based On Chemical Endangerment Concerns

Based on an ongoing criminal investigation and timely citizen leads, Investigators and Officers with the Hanceville Police Department (HPD) descended upon a residence in the far northeastern portion of Hanceville late Friday night.

Armed with a search warrant issued by 32nd Circuit District Judge Wells Turner, HPD made entry at a dwelling on along the 2800 block of County Road 617.

Once inside the home, police officers discovered a litany of unlawful items as well as wretched living conditions:

• Two minors aged 12 and 7; one autistic

• Both juveniles actively exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke

• 159 Marijuana Plants of various sizes

• 16 mason jars full of high-grade marijuana buds

• Drug Paraphernalia used for systematic indoor Marijuana growing and cultivation

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Personnel from Hanceville Police Department involved in the raid at the residence were:

• Adam Hadder
• Brandon Hammick
• John Fore
• Josh Howell
• Kyle Duncan
• Paul Butler

Arrested inside the residence were:

RICKY LEE MCDONALD (32) of Hanceville
JESSICA MICHELLE HITE (36) of Hanceville

Both individuals were quickly taken to the Hanceville City Jail. They were booked and charged with:

• Chemical Endangerment of Children

• Trafficking of Marijuana

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

According to Chief Hadder, both subjects have a criminal history involving methamphetamines.

Beyond the presence of large trafficking amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, Chief Hadder was appalled at what he saw during the execution of the warrant:

“While we have dealt with large quantities of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the past, what makes this case profoundly disturbing is the horrid living conditions inside this home.


When we made entry, two children under the age of 12 (one autistic) had no choice but to breath in copious amounts active marijuana smoke. Combine that reality with cockroaches alive and frolicking freely throughout the house along personal belongings scattered around like an episode of Hoarders, my first reaction was a sickening concern for those children.


God only knows how long they have been living in these horrific conditions and consuming clouds of dope smoke.”

Cullman County DHR was called to intervene with the juveniles immediately. Both children are now in their care of their grandmother.

Lieutenant Hammick was grateful for citizen assistance in this case:

“The citizens of the City of Hanceville want a safe, drug-free community to live in. It does not take long for word to get around when a marijuana production facility of this magnitude goes into operation.


The Hanceville Police Department greatly appreciates the ongoing information supplied by citizens that assisted us in generating a search warrant and making an arrest in this case.


In this case, Hanceville residents helped two young children escape being helplessly caught-up in the drug trade. “

The large quantity of marijuana was seized by HPD and removed from the premises. It is now off the streets of Hanceville and will soon be destroyed.

Final bonding amounts for McDonald and Hite are not yet known.

Hanceville Police Raid Squalid Indoor Marijuana Production Operation

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County Road 617

Hanceville Police Raid Squalid Indoor Marijuana Production Operation

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