How Fairview Middle Became A Nationally Recognized LIGHTHOUSE School

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How Fairview Middle Became A Nationally Recognized LIGHTHOUSE School

Cullman County boasts five different schools named as Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence (BRSE) in the 2017-18 school year.

Fairview Middle School – LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL

★ East Elementary School – LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL (2-time winner)

★ Good Hope Primary School – BEACON SCHOOL

★ West Point Intermediate School – BEACON SCHOOL

★ Good Hope Middle School – POINTS OF LIGHT SCHOOL

The LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL award means you are the top of the top in BRSE hierarchy. It the ultimate, nationally recognized designation in the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence program.

You can learn more about Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence program and the schools listed above here:

We paid a visit to Fairview Middle School (FMS) this week to speak with the principal, administrators, and students responsible for delivering the much coveted LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL award to FMS.

The first stop on our tour of Fairview Middle was inside the gymnasium where all the 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade student gathered to form a human blue ribbon in commemoration of the award:

Immediately after the human blue ribbon ceremony concluded, two Cullman County School System dignitaries visited the school – April Tucker & Anita Kilpatrick.

Ms. Tucker spoke to the entire student body in this video:

The LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL designation indicates a school has maxed our in the significant categories of performance excellence required by the BRSE criteria:

• Student Focus and Support
• School Organization and Culture
• Challenging Standards and Curriculum
• Active Teaching and Learning
• Technology Integration
• Schedule Assessment
• Professional Community
• Leadership and Educational Vitality
• School, Family, and Community Partnerships
• Indicators of Success

In this interview, we speak FMS Principal Trina Walker as well as the students and teachers at the school to find out exactly how they became the only County School to be named a nationally recognized LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL:

How Fairview Middle Became A Nationally Recognized LIGHTHOUSE School

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Fairview Middle School – Lighthouse School

How Fairview Middle Became A Nationally Recognized LIGHTHOUSE School

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