West Point Elementary Gets Near $1 Million Infrastructure Renovation

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East Elementary Archery 2017 State Champions
West Point Elementary Gets Near $1 Million Infrastructure Renovation

Good Hope High School Not Far Behind At $400,000

The Cullman County Commission On Education has approved four requests from Cullman County Schools Superintendent Shane Barnette for significant upgrades, renovations and maintenance to school system infrastructure.

Two of the items are part of the $5.5 million QZAB Infrastructure Grant awarded last year to the Cullman County Schools in partnership with Cullman Savings Bank and Merchants Bank.

For background on the QZAB Grant, please go here.

Those schools and their proposed renovations are:

West Point Elementary School
Electrical & Re-roofing Renovations

Good Hope High School
Electrical Upgrades & Renovations

Also, the Board members approved a change order at Hanceville Middle School for their electrical & re-roofing project for $3,790.27.

Even Bagby Elevator Company got some Holiday love with their annual elevator maintenance contract being renewed on a monthly amount of $761.00.

Dr. Susan Patrick is the Secondary Curriculum Coordinator for Cullman County Schools.

She has been named the Alabama School Counseling Administrator/Supervisor of the Year: http://cullmantoday.com/2017/12/15/susan-patrick-awarded-state-school-counseling-administrator-of-the-year/

Outgoing Cullman County Board of Education President Kenny Brockman receives a very nice wall plaque from his fellow board members.

This plush wall hanging acknowledged his dedication and excellent work on behalf of the children of Cullman County.

Signatories were:

• Heath Allbright
• Chris Carter
• Mike Graves
• Wayne Myrex
• Jason Speegle
• Gene Sullins

Mike Graves will be the new President of the Cullman County Commission On Education.


★ Cullman County School Students return from Christmas Break = January 4th

Teacher Workday = January 3rd

12-month Employees return to work = January 2nd

Early Student Release Day = January 10th

West Point Elementary School

West Point Elementary Gets Near $1 Million Infrastructure Renovation

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