Bill Oliver and Donnis Leeth Take Mayoral Leadership Team Reigns

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At a regular meeting of the Cullman County Mayor/Commissioner Association, the members present voted in a New President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.

They were:

Bill Oliver – President (Mayor Town of Holly Pond)

Donnis Leeth – Vice-President (Mayor of Town of Colony)

Kenneth Kilgo – Secretary/Treasurer (Town of West Point)

Incumbent Kilgo was re-elected based upon his excellent past handling of association funds and protocol.

The Cullman County Mayor/Commissioner Association comprises itself of all the Mayors in Cullman County as well as all the County Commissioners.

They meet six times per year to discuss and review relevant topics that affect all the citizens of Cullman County.

These elected leaders do more than talk.

As an example, in this meeting, they passed a resolution in support of a local bill to be submitted by Cullman’s legislative delegation which would put a ‘Cullman County Road Repair Plan‘ to a vote of the people. If this initiative is successful, it would be a historic moment of unity in Cullman leadership and governance.

For details, see:

Also on hand during the meeting was Michael Tubbs, Director of Community Action Partnership of North Alabama (CAPNA).

Based upon a recommendation by Tubbs, the Mayors nominated Tim Thrasher to be seated on the CAPNA board.

CAPNA is a leading non-profit partner organization in North Alabama that is committed to reducing or eliminating the causes and consequences of poverty for families and communities.

The Association also voted the Lucille Galen Public Service Award to Cherrie Haney.

Kenneth Kilgo nominated Cherie Haney.

Chairman Kenneth Walker nominated Jennifer Taylor of Congressman Robert Aderholt’s Office for the same award. She is expected to the front-runner for the award next year.

The election of Donnis Leeth to a leadership position in the Association was a watershed moment for both the Town of Colony and the Mayor.

Leeth is the first elected Cullman County official from Colony to be voted onto the leadership team of the Cullman County Mayor/Commissioner Association. He is also the first black man to be so positioned.

We spoke with the Mayor about the importance of this moment for his town and how it touched him personally to be so honored:

Cullman County

Bill Oliver and Donnis Leeth Take Mayoral Leadership Team Reigns

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