Roy Drinkard Opens His House To United Way

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Roy Drinkard Opens His House To United Way

The United Way provides financial support to sixteen of the top charitable organizations in Cullman County.

With a staff of three and a board of fourteen, the work of the local United Way goes on year around. A significant amount of their contributions come from businesses around Cullman who graciously allow their employees the chance to donate via payroll deduction.

There are also many individual donors that aid the annual effort. Roy Drinkard of Drinkard Development is perhaps the most well-known of those private contributors.

As he has done for many years, Drinkard recently donated a year ending substantial sum to the United Way of Cullman County.

United Way Assistant Director Becky Goff explains what happened next:

“We were extraordinarily grateful to receive such a generous donation from Mr. Drinkard. We sent him a singing ‘thank you’ card. We thought it was the least we could do to show our appreciation for his generous support.


Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Drinkard invited the staff as well as our fourteen Board members to a private luncheon.”

That luncheon happened Thursday at noon in the midtown Cullman home of Roy Drinkard.

Drinkard’s home is a living museum built in 1909 (he moved in during 1949). The interior reflects a long lifetime of achievement, exquisite tastes, and a remarkable sense of style.

The decor yesterday however was inundated with arrays of spectacular Christmas season features including four, fully lighted Christmas trees. Mr. Drinkard’s outfit was also appropriately Holiday festive.

Also on hand was Drinkard Development lead developer Jason Grimmett.

In speaking with United Way Executive Director Sammie Danford immediately afterward, she had these thoughts: “We have a regular board meeting each month at lunchtime. This was our best meeting of the year by far!”

Mr. Drinkard summed things up best:

“The United Way is a very worthy organization in Cullman. They do much good for everyone involved. I am always happy to support their outstanding works every year.


I would like to see everyone make it a point to look into the United Way in 2018 and join me in being of assistance, whether that is a small amount or thousands. The funds will go where they are needed most in the community.”

United Way of Cullman County

Roy Drinkard Opens His House To United Way

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