Margaret Hamm Named To Alabama Retail Board of Directors

by | Dec 27, 2017 | City News, Cullman City

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Margaret Hamm Named To Alabama Retail Board of Directors

Margaret Hamm was recently was elected to the Alabama Retail Association Board of Directors.

Hamm’s term begins Jan. 1, 2018. She is the co-owner and operator of Monograms Plus of Cullman is located in the heart of Cullman’s resurgent warehouse district.

Monograms Plus a jewelry, gift, and apparel shop that offers onsite monogramming, has been an Alabama Retail member for nearly 19 years.

Hamm’s passion for embroidery came from her grandmother, who taught her the art when she was just 5-years-old. Over the years, that skill set expanded into both smocking and embroidering clothing for her two daughters, Sarah and Ellen. In March 1999, Hamm left her job in the medical human resources field to open the store with her husband, Mark, in a 300-square-foot garage workshop.

It wasn’t long before Monograms Plus opened a larger store in Cullman’s budding Warehouse District. Over the years, the store continued expanding, including the addition of commercial personalization equipment. Today, it is a 9,000-square-foot store that anchors the district.

Margaret graduated from Auburn University in 1982. The Fort Deposit native and her husband live in Cullman. Their daughters Sarah and Ellen are adults and married now. Hamm and her husband have three grandchildren.

You can learn all about Monograms Plus of Cullman here:

Margaret Hamm Named To Alabama Retail Board of Directors

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