AAA Offers Free Towing Curbing New Years Eve DUI

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AAA Offers Free Towing Curbing New Years Eve DUI

With the New Year quickly approaching, many people are making plans to ring in the coming year of 2016.

Some may have plans to watch a certain football game, or maybe there’s a house party going on nearby. Maybe you’re planning to booze it up at your favorite local (or far-away) watering hole. Whatever the case may be, if you think there is a possibility you may be drinking, you should plan ahead.

AAA Alabama realizes the risks associated with drinking and driving. That’s why AAA is offering FREE towing from 6:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve until 6:00 a.m. on New Year’s day.

It is called AAA Tow-For-Life Service

If you find yourself impaired, don’t be a boozing doofus, get a sober driver to take you home or call:


If you choose to use AAA’s generous services, all you have to do is call the number listed above and let them know “I need a tow to go.”

AAA Tow-For-Life Ground Rules

• Call the helpline and ask for Tow-For-Life. The vehicle must be operable to qualify for the free service.

• Tell the operator the driver’s name, address, telephone number and where the vehicle and driver currently are.

• When the town truck arrives, provide ID and the keys to the vehicle.

• The vehicle will be towed to the driver’s home; or, to the owner’s home if that person isn’t present.

According to AAA manager of community affairs and traffic safety, Anita Lorz Villagrana:

“Drivers should be aware of the high crash risk from drinking and driving associated with holidays, and we encourage them not to get behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking. It only takes one or two drinks to slow physical and mental skills that affect vision, steering, braking judgment, and reaction time.”

New Year’s Eve is a traditional time for family gatherings, parties, restaurant outings and activities that contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere, and more opportunities for drinking alcohol, according to Villagrana. AAA advises that motorists can keep themselves and others safe and avoid DUI arrests (referred to in many states as DWI arrests) by keeping these safety tips in mind:

AAA Offers Free Towing Curbing New Years Eve DUI

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