Midnight Smith Lake House Fire Challenge Emergency Personnel

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Midnight Smith Lake House Fire Challenge Emergency Personnel

Crane Hill Communities Volunteer Fire was dispatched late Monday by Cullman e911 to 1200 Wren Road in the Ardell Community.

This location is on Smith Lake in the area of Indian Cave Hollow on the edge of Winston County below the Country Mall.

The call came in around 11:40 pm with the report of a residential structure fire at the address.

Crane Hill Fire received mutual aid on this blaze from both Logan Fire & Rescue and Bremen Volunteer Fire Department.

With air temperatures around 10 degrees and wind chill values below zero, firefighter mobility was challenged and rapid icing prevalent throughout the incident.

The firefight lasted almost 45 minutes with all hidden areas of fire explored and hotspots fully extinguished by 2:30 am.

Emergency personnel were able to help the the homeowners retrieve several important personal items from the home before they departed the scene.

Brandon Williams of Crane Hill Fire commended the occupants of the dwelling for smart, fast action that likely kept the fire from creating a total loss:

“When the occupants of this residence arrived home late Monday, they noticed both fire and smoke coming from the front of the house as they entered (the fire may have just started). They smartly closed shut the back door. This action limited the internal oxygen available in the house. This slowed the fire just enough so we could arrive before it became fully involved.”

Assessing the damage during daylight hours today, there is moderate structural damage to the home with two bedrooms largely salvageable, moderate smoke, and minimal water damage.

Williams was grateful for the mutual aid his department received under difficult circumstances:

“10 degrees and water on a fire call is not an ideal circumstance. We are very grateful to Logan and Bremen for coming out on a Holiday night in miserable conditions to help us out. They could’ve stayed home, but they did not. To me, that is incredibly impressive.”

Smith Lake at Wren Road

Midnight Smith Lake House Fire Challenge Emergency Personnel

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