It Is Not Crohns Disease It Is a Ketchup Packet

by | Jan 3, 2018 | World News

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It Is Not Crohns Disease; It Is a Ketchup Packet

A woman with a Crohn’s Disease diagnosis with unyielding symptoms of the chronic bowel disease was found to have a plastic ketchup packet lodged in her small intestine.

The ketchup packet had been there for six years.

Due to ongoing, debilitating symptoms, doctors at Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital in Slough choose exploratory surgery to ferret out the cause of the woman’s constant pain and abdominal bloating..

The goal was to determine why standard treatments for Crohn’s were not working.

The ketchup packet discovered by surgeons

As surgeons relieved the profound inflammation in the patient’s intestine, the report explains the procedure ‘revealed an inflammatory mass in the terminal ileum, exposing two pieces of plastic bearing the word ‘Heinz‘.

The 41-year-old woman had inadvertently swallowed a ketchup wrapper during her mid-30’s that lodged in her small intestine. The edges of the packet were determined to have had cut into the patients’ stomach, causing Crohns-like symptoms.

“This case highlights that an inflammatory mass in the small intestine caused by the perforation of the ingested foreign body can mimic Crohn’s disease,” the report reads. “To our knowledge, this is the first report of a synthetic plastic packaging causing ileocaecal junctional perforation mimicking Crohn’s disease.”

The doctors went on to say that once the six-year-old condiment pouch was taken out, the patient’s insides began to return to normal. The woman reportedly said she has no memory of using a ketchup packet and can’t remember a meal where she may have accidentally swallowed one.

It Is Not Crohns Disease It Is a Ketchup Packet

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