Planning Commission Tackles 180 Acres Of Annexations Piggly Wiggly

by | Jan 3, 2018 | City News, Cullman City

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Planning Commission Tackles 180 Acres Of Annexations

Also, Piggly Wiggly May Become A Marvins Building Materials Store

The Cullman Planning Commission met in regular session Tuesday night at 5:30 pm in the City Hall Auditorium.

Several important items were on the agenda. The most lengthy and arcane agenda item was a discussion of a new loft apartment ordinance proposed for downtown Cullman.

Ultimately, after much discussion, the Planning Commission voted to recommend to the Cullman City Council a modification to Cullman’s ordinance governing downtown loft apartments. The change – if approved – would allow the development of three-story buildings with commercial operations on the ground floors and two levels of residential space above.

The next order of business was the Public Hearing portion of the meeting. Commissioners fielded public interactions on:

• Short form Subdivision – 1635 Main Ave. SW – divide into four lots for Paul Bussman.

• Short form Subdivision – 2nd Ave. SW between Birmingham St. SW & Short St. SW for Dale Bright.

• Short form Subdivision – Walnut St. & Brantley Ave. – Rusken Packaging for Clifford Harris.

The Planning Commission then made motions rendering favorable opinions on the subdivisions and thus moving their review findings forward to the Cullman City Council for a final decision.

Commissioners also reviewed the following proposed site plans:

Turner retail & loft building – 4th St. SE: A site plan was tentatively approved for a three-story structure to be erected on the south side of 4th Street SE between 2nd Avenue SE and 3rd Avenue SE, with ground-floor business space and two upper floors of loft apartments. This project will put the proposed new modification to the city ordinance concerning downtown loft apartments to its first test.

4933 Alabama Highway 157 NW: The Planning Commission approved Jim Boyd’s site plan for the development of this former Piggly Wiggly address as a potential Marvin’s Building Materials store.

2nd Ave. SW – Cullman Row East & Cullman Row West: The Planning Commission approved Dale Bright’s site plan for retail developments along Second Avenue Southwest near Kensington Station apartments as well as land including a former Dodge dealership and the Sticks N Stuff location.

The Cullman Planning Commission then ran through a variety of miscellaneous agenda items (most concerning annexations):

Conditional use request for an apartment complex – County Road 1402: The Planning Commission approved the conditional use request of Terry Mount for a 56-unit apartment development between Eva Road and Lake Catoma.

Then, the Planning Commission voted to send favorable recommendations to the city council for annexations of almost 175 acres of County property into the City of Cullman:

• Annexation request – Highway 278 West – 165 acres – AG-2

• Annexation request – 11 acres off Fromhold Road – AG-1

• Annexation request – 2 acres off Fromhold Road – R-1

• Annexation request – 220 County Road 1320 – R-1

The Cullman City Planning Commission was created on April 8, 1963, and consists of 9 members.

Current members (as of 6/8/2016) include Mayor Woody Jacobs and City Council member Andy Page (ex officio members), Bobby Kelley, Wendell Copeland, Cherri Drake, Gene Green, Mike Voss, Steve Cummings, and Barrett Richard.

The terms of the ex officio members (Mayor and City Council member) correspond to their official elected office tenures. All other members serve staggered six-year terms.

Meetings are normally held on the 1st Monday night of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Auditorium.

Commission Contact: Amber Duke, 256-775-7203.

City of Cullman Planning Commission

Planning Commission Tackles 180 Acres Of Annexations Piggly Wiggly

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