Stephanie Jowers Wins Cullman Rotary Community Service Above Self

Stephanie Jowers Wins Cullman Rotary Community Service Above Self

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Pictured left to right: Perry Shields, Maria Stanford, Stephanie Jowers, and Jeb Williamson

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Stephanie Jowers Wins Cullman Rotary Community Service Above Self Award

On Thursday, the Cullman Rotary Club presented its ‘Community Service Above Self‘ Award to Stephanie Jowers.

The ‘Community Service Above Self’ Award is presented annually in honor of longtime Rotarian Bill Buettner. Buettner was an outstanding Rotarian who had perfect attendance for 50 years. Mr. Buettner was President of Buettner Brothers Lumber for many years and served our community quietly behind the scenes, never wishing to be in the spotlight – and indeed exhibited “service above self.”

To Rotary members, the motto ‘Service Above Self’ means that as professionals they pool their resources, network with like-minded professionals, and use their time and talents to serve our community. This award was created to recognize non-Rotarians in our community who live out this motto with their selfless actions.

Past recipients of the William O Buettner Service Above Self Award include Bert McGriff, the Peinhardt family, Bill Burkett, Jackie Satterfield, Betty Leeth Haynes, Sonny Teague, Tim Scott, Ken Caviness, Billy Coleman, Grover Reeves, Mike Duke, and Melanie Conn.


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Stephanie Jowers exemplifies the motto of “Service Above Self.”

As a result, she is most deserving of the award. Stephanie works behind the scenes in different areas of the community through her service to the church, in the school community, with her efforts supporting the Link of Cullman County and through the Cullman Regional Medical Center Foundation.

Stephanie is a dedicated, servant leader and consistently gives back in a variety ways trying to improve the quality of life in our community. She works behind the scenes with the various organizations such as:

St. John’s Church
• She is a volunteer with the children’s ministries, for several years she has organized and coordinated the church play for the children.
• She recently implemented a new community-wide program called, Created For A Purpose, for young ladies and will continue with a Christmas session. The program she started is for girls ages third through eighth grade.
• She also teaches Wednesday night children’s classes, volunteers with the youth programs for middle school and high school students and offers to help with special programs as needed.

Alliance to the Cullman County Medical Society
• Board member and past president of the Cullman Medical Alliance
• She is the Past President of the state board and led several campaigns to improve health and wellness throughout the state
• The Cullman County Society promotes various health initiatives in area schools with programs on topics such as Bullying, Healthy Eating and on Making Good Food Choices
• Also, she supports a Breast Cancer Foundation and raises money for local needs of breast cancer patients

The Link of Cullman County
• Helped start a new program called – “Unmasked” for women of the community – this will be unveiled in January of 2018.
• Volunteers with a ladies committee to bring issues to the forefront.

Cullman Regional Medical Center Service Guild
• A member of the Executive Committee and volunteered countless hours to fundraising for the Gala and the Fall Fundraiser
• She is currently the Secretary of the Service Guild
• She has helped coordinate the food and venues for several events and uses her expertise while helping save money for the hospital

Cullman Regional Medical Center Foundation
• Serves on the Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Refresh-A-Room Capital Campaign, Dr. Herman C. Ensor Lights of Love and Dr. Bownes For Kid’s Sake committees
• Served as President for two years and served as Secretary for two years
• Currently serves as the Past President of the board
• Gives her time and talents to help advance healthcare at the medical center
• If you ever ask Stephanie for her help on a project, she is always willing to give of her time, talents, or resources

CHS Tennis Boosters
• In 2017, she headed up the fall fundraiser for the annual campaign at Cullman High School

East Elementary/Cullman Primary School
• Homeroom mother at both schools
• PTO Homeroom Coordinator

Stephanie is married to Dr. Joe Jowers. She is a mother of 3 daughters.

Stephanie Jowers is the kind of person who works behind the scenes and enjoys seeing satisfaction on the faces of those she touches. She has had an impact on women and children in our community and gives back seeking no attention or promotion of her work. Stephanie has a joyful heart and has a passion for helping others.

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Stephanie Jowers Wins Cullman Rotary Community Service Above Self

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image by Cullman Rotary Club


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The staff writers at Cullman Today are a collaborative group of citizen reporters sharing the writing of stories based upon their personal interests and work schedules.

The staff writers at Cullman Today are a collaborative group of citizen reporters sharing the writing of stories based upon their personal interests and work schedules.