Alabama Ranked Fourth Worst Ran State In America

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Alabama Ranked Fourth Worst Ran State In America

The Best- and Worst-Run States in America: A Survey of All 50 by 24/7 Wall Street

Alabama was ranked as the 4th worst ran State in America.

Mississippi, New Mexico, and Louisiana were ranked worse than Alabama.

Here are the factors that led to Alabama’s poor showing:

• 2016 Unemployment: 6.0% (4th highest)
• Pension funded ratio: 67.0% (18th lowest)
• Credit rating and outlook: Aa1/Stable
• Poverty: 17.1% (7th highest)

Like many of the states ranking on the bottom half of this list, Alabama has a relatively limited budget to work with. The state collects an average of only about $2,000 per person per year in tax revenue, $800 less than is typical among states. Still, the state has a good credit rating.

A relatively poor state, Alabama’s 17.1% poverty rate is higher than the rate in the vast majority of states. Alabama is one of a minority of states that did not take advantage of federal funds to expand Medicaid. Partially as a result, 9.1% of the state’s population is uninsured, more than the 8.6% U.S. uninsured rate. Many Alabama residents without health insurance are likely among the 17.1% living below the poverty line. The state also struggles with a weak job market. Alabama’s 2016 unemployment rate of 5.8% is much higher than the national annual rate of 4.9%, and is one of the highest of any state.

24/7 Wall Street recently reviewed economic indicators, budget allocations, and balance sheets – as well as a range of other measures, including unemployment, the presence of natural resources and tax rates – to determine how well each state is operated.

You can see the complete methodology here.

Alabama Ranked Fourth Worst Ran State In America

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