Mexican Donald Trump Poses Threat To US Trump

by | Jan 8, 2018 | World News

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Mexican Donald Trump Poses Threat To US Trump

The Andrés Manuel López Obrador campaign rhetoric can make him sound like a Mexican Donald Trump.

The left-leaning front-runner in Mexico’s presidential race is overtly nationalistic, pushes “Mexican people first” policies and peppers his speeches with anti-establishment slogans that thrill the working-class Mexicans who flock to his rallies.

But while his style might be distinctly Trumpian, his policy prescriptions could not be more different. Indeed, the election of the former mayor of Mexico City could be disastrous for Trump and his administration, creating an even more charged relationship between the two countries that could reduce cooperation on border security, trade, and immigration.

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Mexican Donald Trump Poses Threat To US Trump

image by Mario Delgado Si

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