January 2018 Proclaimed Human Trafficking Awareness Month

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January 2018 Proclaimed Human Trafficking Awareness Month

During today’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Cullman County Commission, Chairman Kenneth Walker and Associate Commissioners Garry Marchman and Kerry Watson took the time to sign a public proclamation in support of Human Trafficking Awareness.

County Clerk Charlotte Slatton read the proclamation she crafted with Chairman Walker and Commissioners Marchman and Watson’s guidance to those in attendance.

Slatton reads the full document here:

The proclamation was then presented to the Kathy Wilson, chair of the Cullman County Human Trafficking Task Force, the Honorable District Judge Kim Chaney, Task Force Secretary Blakely Hopper and Gail Swafford, Executive Director of Brook’s Place.

Here is the Proclamation:

Judge Chaney had these thoughts after the Commission meeting concluded:

“Cullman county ranks an ‘A’. We are well ahead of the curve. We have been involved in Human Trafficking since the very beginning …


Human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and indentured slavery have become a sad, growing a fact of life across the United States and in northern Alabama. Research shows the average age of the females trafficked is now 13 years old. Young people making connections online are being lured away from their homes and families. We have occurrences like this happening in Cullman County and across northern Alabama.”

Kathy Wilson had these thoughts:

“I want to thank the Chairman and Commissioners for their ongoing efforts in assisting us to bring awareness on Human Trafficking to the citizens of Cullman County. We live in a great community, and with this kind of involvement from elected officials, it helps us keep it that way!”

For further background information on Human Trafficking in Cullman County, please go here.

Follow the Cullman County Human Trafficking Task Force on Facebook.

Cullman County Courthouse

January 2018 Proclaimed Human Trafficking Awareness Month

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