Officer Involved Shooting With Ensuing Manhunt In Holly Pond Into Walter

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Officer Involved Shooting With Ensuing Manhunt In Holly Pond Into Walter

★ Sheriff Matt Gentry Explains The Details ★

Below, Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry discusses the deputy involved shooting that occurred around 4 pm this afternoon near Holly Pond involving a suspect named, Tei Ti Taimi:

The Sheriff also discusses the ensuing area-wide manhunt that remains in-progress late into the night Friday.

Around 3 pm today, investigators with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office were following up on a burglary case in the Holly Pond area.

They were speaking to a TEI TI TAIMI at what is believed to be his residence. During the interaction with investigators, Taimi barricaded himself inside of the home.

Taimi is alleged to have then begun making verbal threats to law enforcement personnel on scene.

Taimi and another unknown individual then entered a truck in the garage of the home, started the engine, and rammed the vehicle through the garage door much like a scene from a television show.

At least one firearm was apparently brandished out the open window of the truck as the occupants attempted to flee the address. The suspects also allegedly struck a Sheriff’s Office vehicle as they made their getaway.

According to Sheriff Gentry, at that point, an officer-involved discharge of firearms occurred. No law enforcement agent was wounded; it is also believed that neither of the fleeing suspects was injured.

After the shooting, there was a short vehicular pursuit where deputies lost sight of the eluding vehicle.

Soon after that, a 911 call came in from the Walter community indicating the suspect’s truck had crashed along Highway 91.

Gentry believes Taimi, the unknown accomplice, and at least one juvenile related to Taimi departed the scene on foot.

A full manhunt with K-9 officers was then initiated along with a security perimeter established around the area by deputies, and other agencies.

Gentry believes Taimi is armed and obviously dangerous. He urged residents in the Walter community along Highway 91 to be especially vigilant and notify the Sheriff’s Office (256-734-0342) should they see anyone of unfamiliar nature or origin on or in their property.

As is customary in such a situation, the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate the deputy involved shooting aspect of the case.

Taimi had a recent arrest for burglary. Another burglary occurred in this area today; Taimi is a suspect in that case.

The juvenile in question was not named, or detailed, by Gentry due to the underage status of the child.

The Sheriff’s Office has not been able to bring in search aircraft from the City of Cullman or the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency due to weather.

The manhunt is currently door-to-door and on foot by deputies, K-9 officers, police officers, both on-duty and off-duty.

It is by far the most substantial law enforcement presence we have ever seen in the Walter community.

Sheriff Gentry has been able to make contact with Taimi through a family member via telephone. The Sheriff’s primary concern is the safe rescue of the juvenile(s), particularly with the rapidly eroding winter weather conditions today.

Gentry believes there are potentially TWO juveniles with Taimi, both his own children.

The Sheriff indicated that he had 20 to 25 deputies involved in the manhunt along with State Police and personnel from the Cullman Police Department.

As of 11 pm tonight, a full contingent of law enforcement officers are still on the ground in Walter, braving the winter cold, conducting a methodical search to apprehend the suspects and rescue the child(ren).

Sheriff Gentry also indicated that ‘Attempted Murder’ charge may one of several criminal charges potentially facing Taimi and/or his accomplice.

After the press conference, Sheriff Gentry returned to the Walter area.

It is expected that law enforcement will work through the night and for as long as necessary to successfully restore peace of mind and assured safety to the Walter community.

Manhunt In Walter

Officer Involved Shooting With Ensuing Manhunt In Holly Pond Into Walter

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