Taimi and Accomplice Arrested; Walter Can Relax

by | Jan 13, 2018 | Breaking News

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Taimi and Accomplice Arrested; Walter Can Relax

Tei Ti Taimi, the primary human target of the large-scale manhunt in the Walter community Friday night (which continued into the wee hours of Saturday morning) has been found and arrested.

His previously unknown accomplice has also been found and arrested. His name is Jason Stevens.

Bradley Williams, the Communications Director of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, indicates that the children of Taimi that were caught up in the deputy-involved shooting Friday afternoon and subsequent law enforcement search have been found as well. They are safe.

Both men are undergoing processing and booking at the Cullman County Detention Center.

The criminal charges these two individuals face has yet to be fully determined.

Following last night’s press conference, Sheriff Matt Gentry indicated that ‘Attempted Murder’ may be one possible charge in play after the suspects allegedly brandished firearms against Sheriff’s deputies, potential discharged a firearm in the direction of deputies, and used their truck as a battering ram against law enforcement vehicles.

Residents of the Walter community can now go off Red Alert, relax, and sleep in this morning.

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Taimi and Accomplice Arrested; Walter Can Relax

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