Hartselle Newborn Found Buried In Backyard

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Hartselle Newborn Found Buried In Backyard

Mother Charged With Corpse Abuse

A 21-year-old Hartselle woman was arrested for abuse of a corpse after she allegedly buried the remains of her newborn baby in an Igloo cooler in the backyard of her home.

Karrah Proctor (21) was living in a separate apartment behind her mother’s house on Forest Chapel Road in Hartselle when Proctor’s mother reported finding a shallow grave in the backyard.

The baby’s body was decomposed too severely for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death, according to investigators. The sheriff’s office began investigating the case in the middle of September 2017.


Karrah Proctor (21) of Hartselle

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said the call came in last year from Proctor’s mother, who said she had dug up and found the baby:

“We never did an arrest last September when we got the call because we didn’t know if it was a stillbirth or negligent care. We had no ability to find the manner of death yet, so we sent the baby off to forensics for an autopsy.


What we do know now is that the baby was full term. We don’t know how many weeks, but the baby was full term.


After doing more research, we decided to submit this information to the grand jury, and the investigation is still underway. Right now, the charge we have is the abuse of the corpse.”

Proctor told investigators the baby was stillborn, according to Franklin, but there is currently no way to show or prove manner or cause of death.

Proctor has been released from the Morgan County Jail on $2,500 bail. She faces up to 10 years sentence if she is convicted of abuse of a corpse.

Lauren Estes-Velez

Lauren Estes-Velez

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Forest Chapel Road in Hartselle

Hartselle Newborn Found Buried In Backyard

images by: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office & Amanda Harris

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