Hopewell Properties Annexed Into City Of Hanceville

by | Jan 15, 2018 | City News, Hanceville

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Hopewell Properties Annexed Into City Of Hanceville

Following a public hearing conducted in the City of Hanceville’s most recent City Council Meeting, the seated Council members unanimously approved the annexation of two properties encompassing both Hopewell Baptist Church and Hopewell Cemetery.

Councilwoman was Sharon Porter was absent from the proceeding.

Silence highlighted the public hearing portion of the meeting. No one spoke from the public rose to speak on the matter.

The two properties comprise roughly 40 total acres with 3 1/2 acres owned by Hopewell Baptist Church. Hopewell Cemetery possesses the remaining land area in question.

The cemetery land will have a Zoning of A-1 agricultural; the church will be Zoned I-D institutional.

An added benefit of the annexation involves the roadways that serve these properties.

The annexed properties are bounded to the north by County Road 582 and to the east by County Road 599 (aka Section Line Road). Both roadways are currently in shambles.

Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail indicates the City will move to make near-immediate improvements (with the help of the Cullman County Commission):

“Section Line Road in front of the cemetery has been bad for a long time. County Road 582 leading back to the church is not much better.


We are talking to the County Road Department for assistance on these two roads. Once the weather warms up, those two should get re-paved around the annexed property.


We are also installing some security lighting. We have one light already in place. The other should be installed soon.”

The Hopewell properties are on the far northeastern corner of the City of Hanceville. As a result of this annexation, the city limit boundary will be extended so that residential property owners to the west of Hopewell (on Robin Lane) may be eligible to be annexed into the City.

Hopewell Church & Hopewell Cemetery

Hopewell Properties Annexed Into City Of Hanceville

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