Berlin Gold Ridge Fire Departments Stop Chimney Fire Save House

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Breaking News, Fires, Public Safety

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Berlin Gold Ridge Fire Departments Stop Chimney Fire Save House

Firefighters were dispatched by Cullman e911 to a residence in the 1000 block of Alabama Highway 69 North in the East Point Community this morning.

The 911 call concerned a reported ‘house on fire’.

Personnel from both Berlin and Gold Ridge Fire Departments responded quickly finding fire in and around the brick chimney area at the rear of a multi-level home.

Thanks to these firefighters’ prompt arrival and expert skills, they were able to contain the fire from migrating throughout the house.

We spoke with Berlin Fire Chief Ralph Laney:

“This fire started in the rock chimney. We were fortunate to be able to contain it on the back side of the residence. We had to dismantle the hearth on one level to get to parts of the fire. We may have to do the same thing on another level. We’ll be making another pass through the attic to make sure there is nothing left there.”

The walls and structure of the home are still well intact. There will be varying amounts of smoke damage throughout with water issues around the chimney and adjoining rooms.

With an outdoor temperature of only 10° and a steady 15 mph north wind driving wind chills below 0°, water from the fire hoses almost immediately froze forming icicles in multiple locations on the exterior of the home.

Paramedic Wesley Luker of Cullman EMS was staged at the location as a medical precaution. No injuries to occupants of the home, nor firefighters were reported.

When we departed the incident scene, Berlin and Gold Ridge Fire were finishing an assessment for hot spots and beginning to ventilate smoke from inside the structure.

Alabama Highway 69 in the East Point Community

Berlin Gold Ridge Fire Departments Stop Chimney Fire Save House

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