ROAD CONDITIONS REPORT Commissioner Kerry Watson

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ROAD CONDITIONS REPORT Commissioner Kerry Watson

The Cullman County Commission and most Cullman County governmental services are closed today due to severe winter weather.

County Commissioner Kerry Watson, however, is not taking the day off.

He has been on the roads of Cullman County since early this morning making his own detailed road condition assessment and report.

We just spoke with the Commissioner. While his in-depth report is too lengthy to recount, here are the highlights:

“I’ve been all over eastern Cullman County. I’ve traveled the state roads, all of our main county roads and many of the smaller side county roads.

I have been far Joppa and Baileyton down to Fairview and Gold Ridge. I expected to see some problems in those locations, but there were very few areas of patchy ice and then only on less-traveled county roads.

Next, I went to Holly Pond, Berlin, Welti, Walter and into Hanceville and Johnsons Crossing. Again nothing of note to report in the way of major problems on the roads or slick conditions.

Same with the areas just east of the City of Cullman I just past through.

I am off to point north like Vinemont and Lacon, and then across the Western part of the County.

I am personally able report that the roads in Eastern Cullman County are much better than I expected and all of them I traveled on are passable.

I spoke with John Lang, our Road Department engineer. He has received ZERO calls, complaints, or winter road conditions so far today.

I also spoke with James Rollo who heads up the County Sanitation Department. His crews report no issue with their trucks on any road, including parts of western Cullman County.

At this point, I am pleased with the road conditions. There is always the chance that with temperatures well below freezing, some areas may turn into slick spots and black ice in parts of the County, particularly in locations with north exposure to limited sunlight.

Citizens still need to be VERY careful on the roadways, but they are almost all passable with caution and reduced speeds.

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ROAD CONDITIONS REPORT Commissioner Kerry Watson

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