Funny Man Dusty Slay Outperforms In Seminal Maes Performance

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Funny Man Dusty Slay Outperforms In Seminal Maes Performance

Dusty Slay likes to tell people ‘everyone in Alabama hates Jimmy Kimmel’.

After two years touring on the road and fresh off a guest spot on the hated Jimmy Kimmel Live!, this two-time winner of the Charleston Comedy Fest Stand-Up Competition made his way to Cullman Thursday.

He took the stage at the inaugural Mae’s Comedy Night.

Approximately 100 patrons packed the front portion of Mae’s Food Hall next to the Ruckus Bar to catch Slay’s act along with opener Hannah Hogan.

Slay’s hour-plus comedic performance relies heavily on a dysfunctional upbringing during his formative years in the Opelika area for content.

His bit about tornado warnings in the south while living in a trailer park is one such example of his hilarious, yet irreverent overview about the plight of the south’s working poor:

“During a tornado, the weathermen tell people what to do based on the kind of house they live it. If you live in a trailer park, they tell you to go outside and lay in a ditch. I like to think there is a ditch next to every trailer park; its like it just comes with it … You know, every trailer park gets its own tornado ditch.”

In addition to the Kimmel show, Slay has appeared on several network shows like NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, the popular program “Laughs on FOX” and he was a featured comedian on “TMZ”.

His comedy is regularly showcased on many nationally syndicated radio programs including Sirius XM, Pandora Radio, and ‘The Bob and Tom Radio Show’. He’s also been invited to numerous comedy festivals across America.

Here are a few minutes of his performance’s opening at Mae’s Comedy Night:

Dusty is based out of Nashville, TN. He has opened for many touring celebrities such as Rob Schneider, Jeff Ross, and Roseanne. He spends most of his time on the road where he continues to make audiences laugh all over the country at comedy clubs.

In 2014, Dusty released his debut comedy album ‘Makin’ That Fudge’ which can be found at,, and iTunes.

To learn more about Dusty Slay see:




Dusty’s Comedy Album:

Hannah Hogan

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dusty is married to a fellow comedian. What will come as a surprise to many, his bride Hannah Hogan makes the perfect opening act for this headliner status.

Originally a Canadian, Hannah’s set featured grounded, super smart, self-deprecating humor.

This husband and wife team fit together perfectly like a gin and tonic from the Ruckus Bar.

Alex Swindle

Alex Swindle did an admirable, entertaining job of proving musical entertainment before and after the comedy shows. He was a hit with the ladies in attendance as well.

About Mae’s Comedy Night

This performance was Mae’s Food Hall’s inaugural venture into live performances since they opened their doors for the first time last fall.

Proprietor Shane Quick is planning a monthly series of on-stage acts to be called ‘Mae’s Comedy Night’:

“We want Mae’s to be a gathering place for the community. The dining and drink attractions we have at Mae’s speak for themselves: Strada di Napoli, Ruckus Bar, iCantina, I Love Bacon, Lichita’s, Link’s Hot Dogs & Hamburgers.


The Big E’s Arcade is great for kids of all ages as well.


Bringing comedy to Mae’s has always been part of the plan. We wanted to have a venue for comedy in Cullman. And with Mae’s, now we do!


We are looking forward to bringing monthly editions of Mae’s Comedy Night to Cullman.”

In addition to monthly comedy, Quick and the crew at Mae’s will be bringing live music into the venue along with Glow Bingo.

Glow Bingo is an exciting twist on traditional bingo. Glow Bingo will be full of high energy, music, black lights, drink specials and prizes. Plus, it will be 100% free.

The inaugural glow bingo night is January 25th:

Funny Man Dusty Slay Outperforms In Seminal Maes Performance

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Mae’s Food Hall

Funny Man Dusty Slay Outperforms In Seminal Maes Performance

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