Pizza Hut Joins Headliners At Trimble Town Hall Meeting

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Pizza Hut Joins Headliners At Trimble Town Hall Meeting

Corey Harbison along with Matt Gentry and Garry Marchman resumed their popular Town Hall Meeting series on Monday night at the Trimble Community Center.

The invited Kerry Watson and Jason Speegle to join them.

The Town Hall concept presented was precisely what you would expect: Opening monologues followed by questions and answers. These elected officials took turns addressing a full house that gathered at Trimble Community Center.

While the topics were politics, policy, and community questions/concerns, a major competing attraction was the twenty-one, fresh Pizza Hut pizzas purchased by Representative Harbison. This gathering of 80+ attendees did not leave the building with many leftovers remaining.

In order of appearance at the front of the room were:

• Representative Corey Harbison
• Commissioner Kerry Watson
• Commissioner Garry Marchman
• Sheriff Matt Gentry
• School Board Member Jason Speegle

The Sheriff brought along several of his command staff as well, including Chief Deputy Brett Holmes.

Here are some highlights from the COREY HARBISON presentation. He focuses on:

• Much Needed Pay Raise For Cullman County Coroner
• Cullman County Parks Bill For Events
• Why Legislative Bills Must Be Passed
• Vote of the Citizens: Fuel Tax To Repair Rapidly Deteriorating County Roads
• The County Road 813 Re-Paving Saga

Here are some highlights from the KERRY WATSON presentation. He focuses on:

• How the County manages your tax dollars
• Incremental changes have made a positive direction
• Proposed Fuel Tax: People Need To Vote On It
• We want to be fair and honest with you

Here are some highlights from the GARRY MARCHMAN presentation. He focuses on:

• We all have different perspectives on how things should be done
• I work for the people that elected me
• Bragging about the current local elected officials
• More on the County Road 813 Saga
• Potholes

Here are some highlights from the MATT GENTRY presentation. He focuses on:

• Nothing better than face-to-face, talking to people
• Like any community, we face a lot of problems
• Sheriff’s Citizen Academy
• Church Security
• 8 to 10 Mental Health 911 Calls Per Week
• 285 Inmates In Cullman County Jail In 2015; Now 415 Inmates.

It is expected that there will be more Town Hall Meeting around Cullman County in the coming months.

Pizza Hut Joins Headliners At Trimble Town Hall Meeting

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Trimble Community Center

Pizza Hut Joins Headliners At Trimble Town Hall Meeting

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