$25000 From Cullman Lions Goes To Caring For Kids

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$25000 From Cullman Lions Goes To Caring For Kids

The members of the Cullman Lions Club added another chapter in their impressive history of charitable, civic endeavors this week.

During the organization’s regular monthly meeting at All Steak Restaurant this week, Lions Club President Bill Ruehl presented a donation of $25,615.07 to Cullman Caring For Kids.

The long-time Director of this well-respected and highly efficient Cullman food bank, Javon Daniel, was on hand to accept the money.

The funds came in the form of a bigger-than-life size mock check.

Daniel, a Lions Club member, has been handsomely supported his many fellow club members in the past. That held true again this year.

As you will learn in the following interview with Mr. Daniel, the bulk of the $25,000+ came from funds generated by parking fees from last summer’s Rock The South event. The Cullman Lions Club was responsible for parking thousands of vehicles over the annual two-day mega-music event at Heritage Park.

The proceeds from that effort are now going to feed the profoundly hungry in Cullman County:

Lions Club member Dennis Berse was thrilled for everyone involved in this process:

“This is an excellent example of what the Cullman Lions are all about. We participate in many community events in Cullman – large and small.


Being able to provide a substantial benefit to an outstanding organization like Cullman Caring For Kids is an example of how we invest the fruits of our efforts into the Cullman community.


I couldn’t be prouder of our membership, and I am thrilled for Javon and the people he feeds.”

Cullman Lions Club

$25000 From Cullman Lions Goes To Caring For Kids

All still images by Lion Charlie Powell

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