Senator Paul Bussman Calls For Resignation Of Mayor Kenneth Nail

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Senator Paul Bussman Calls For Resignation Of Mayor Kenneth Nail

Based upon comments made on social media by City of Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail this week, Alabama District 4 Senator Paul Bussman is calling for the Mayor’s immediate resignation.

Senator Bussman’s has submitted a formal letter outlining his grievance and request to Mayor Nail. It reads:

“Dear Mayor Nail,

I read your inappropriate and disrespectful comments regarding Gov. Ivey with tremendous disbelief. Gov. Ivey has been extremely helpful to your city and this county. Making those comments, even between friends, is not acceptable. In my opinion, you have caused irreparable damage and have severely compromised our ability to work with the State for the betterment of our citizens. I ask you to resign your position as Mayor of Hanceville immediately.

Senator Paul Bussman”


Here is what occurred that led to this request for resignation. Mayor Kenneth Nail responded to comments made by an individual on Facebook under this post:

The individual poster wrote, “Where is your right hand”

Mayor Nail responds, “She did have a smile on her face, didn’t she LOL”

Those comments are no longer visible on the original posts.

We spoke with Mayor Nail on Thursday about this online exchange. He expressed deep regret for the comments. The Mayor informed us that he had contacted Governor Ivey’s Office directly to make a personal apology.

He also posted an apology publicly on Facebook soon after that. It read:

“Well Facebook friends it’s been a long week. With the injury of our officer and not a lot of sleep not making excuses , I made a remark yesterday about our visit to Montgomery. It was really Two Old Friends with a back-and-forth post. I made a inappropriate comment in reference to the governor. That was not my intent but I do want to apologize for that remark looking back it was a mistake. So if I offended anyone especially our governor I want to apologize. I am human and make mistakes every day but I will try to do better.”

We spoke with Mayor Nail this morning about this letter from Senator Bussman. The Mayor declined comment, referring us to his apology above.

City of Hanceville

Senator Paul Bussman Calls For Resignation Of Mayor Kenneth Nail

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