Alabama State Report Card Gives ALL Cullman Schools Letter Grades

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Alabama State Report Card Gives ALL Cullman Schools Letter Grades

The Alabama Department of Education released the Alabama State Report Card today. It contained a traditional academic letter grade for every public school across the state of Alabama.

The report card included all public schools in Cullman County.

You can quickly search your school of interest here:

This year’s State Report Card is a prototype with changes, alterations, adjustments, and fine-tuning expected in future years.

KEY POINT: According to Cullman County School Superintendent Shane Barnette, the majority of this year’s State Report Card is based on the Aspire Tests which the Alabama State Department of Education has ruled ineffective and thereby discontinued its use.

Below is how each Cullman County School graded out. Vinemont Middle School had the highest report card grade with strong ‘B’ (89%), and Fairview High School was in the doldrums with ‘D’ (68%).

Also below, each Cullman City School is included. East Elementary was the top dog with a sold ‘A’ (95%) with Cullman High School on the lower end delivered a still very respectable ‘B’ (88%).

East Elementary School (95%)
West Elementary School (94%)
Cullman Middle School (93%)
★ ALL Cullman City Schools (92%)

Vinemont Middle (89%)
Cullman High (88%)
Fairview Middle School (86%)
Cold Springs Elementary (85%)
Holly Pond Middle (85%)
Hanceville Middle (83%)
West Point Elementary (83%)
Fairview Elementary (81%)
Good Hope Middle (81%)
Parkside Elementary (81%)
Welti Elementary (80%)
★ ALL Cullman County Schools (80%)

Cold Springs High (79%)
Hanceville High (79%)
Holly Pond Elementary (79%)
Harmony School (78%)
Good Hope Elementary (77%)
West Point High (77%)
West Point Middle (76%)
Holly Pond High (75%)
West Point Intermediate (74%)
Good Hope High (73%)
Vinemont Elementary (73%)
Vinemont High (73%)
Hanceville Elementary (72%)

‘D’ Grade
Fairview High (68%)


MISSING Indicators (No Grade)
Cullman Child Development Center
Cullman City Primary School
Good Hope Primary School

Cullman County Superintendent of Schools Shane Barnett called a special press conference this morning to discuss all aspects of this Alabama State Report.

Barnette was very transparent, detailed oriented, and lucidly explanatory making a complicated subject easy to understand. His key point was simple: ‘Each school and each student is more than a score.’

We recommend that you watch the entirety of the press conference for full details here:

Cullman County Board of Education

Alabama State Report Card Gives ALL Cullman Schools Letter Grades

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