Rotted Porch Ensiles Wheelchair-bound Man In Own Home

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Rotted Porch Ensiles Wheelchair-bound Man In Own Home

Freed By Hanceville Volunteers and Donors

The City of Hanceville showed once again this week why they are one of the most close-knit communities in the state of Alabama.

Lawrence and Deborah Baker are long-time Hanceville residents. They reside just south of the newly revitalized downtown area. Both are regular members of the Hanceville Senior Center and the ‘Rowdy Bunch’ that inhabits that organization.

Lawrence is wheelchair bound.

Over the last several months their wooden porch had all but rotted away due to aging, termite and water damage. By Christmas, it had gotten so dangerous out on the porch Lawrence could not exit the dwelling. His rotted porch ensiled him in his own home.

Deborah made a plea to Mayor Kenneth Nail for assistance. Within days, the quiet, yet powerful, volunteer and donor network in the city responded.

Churches donate funds to purchase raw materials.

Citizen volunteers, as well as members of City Hall, the Hanceville Police Department, and Hanceville Fire & Rescue, provided labor to complete the project.

You can watch part of the volunteer/donor led effort to free Lawrence Baker from his own home in this video. You will also see Lawrence taking a test-drive on the smooth, safe finished product:

Hanceville Fire Chief Rodger Green had these thoughts after the porch and ramp were fully installed:

“This just goes to show what a close-knit community we have in Hanceville. From the Mayor’s Office to the City Council to the Churches to all the willing volunteers. When we some have a critical need in this city, people rally together to find a solution.”

City of Hanceville

Rotted Porch Ensiles Wheelchair-bound Man In Own Home

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