INTERVIEW Tammy Brown Seeks New Term As Judge of Probate

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INTERVIEW Tammy Brown Seeks New Term As Judge of Probate

Tammy Brown is the 32nd Circuit Judge of Probate serving all of Cullman County.

Judge Brown recently filed her election qualifying paperwork. She will be seeking re-election as Probate Judge for another term in office.

In this interview, we ask the Judge to provide a self-assessment on her time in office, how she plans to campaign should he be opposed in the coming election, and – if re-elected – what her plan and goals will be for another term:

The Judge of Probate handles the probate of estates of those who die with a will and the administration of estates of those who die without a will.

The Probate Court also handles the following cases:

• Administrations and Wills
• Adoptions
• Commitments
• Condemnations
• Conservatorships
• Guardianships
• Legitimations
• Name Changes
• Summary Distribution
• Other Jurisdictional Court Procedures

There are MANY seats up for grabs in 2018 Election Season in Cullman County(along with those who have qualified so far √):

√ = Officially qualified to run for office
(i) – incumbents
(R) = Republican
(D) = Democrat

Alabama State Senator
√ District 4 – Paul Bussman (R) (i)

Alabama State Representatives
District 9 – open seat
√ Scott Stadthagen (R) of Hartselle
√ James R. Bowling (R) of Battleground
√ Justin Morrow (R) of Hartselle

District 11
√ Randall Shedd (R) (i)

District 12
√ Corey Harbison (R) (i)
√ Alex Chaney (R) (i)

Associate Cullman County Commissioners
Place 1
Kerry Watson (R) (i)

Place 2
Garry Marchman (R) (i)
√ Andy C. Coffey (R)

Cullman County Sheriff
Matt Gentry (R) (i)

Cullman County Coroner
Jeremy L. Kilpatrick (R) (i)

32nd Circuit Judge
Gregory Nicholas (R) (i)

32nd Circuit Judge
Martha Williams (R) (i)

32nd Circuit District Judge
Wells ‘Rusty’ Turner (R) (i)

32nd Circuit Clerk
Lisa McSwain (R) (i)

Cullman County Probate Judge
Tammy Brown (R) (i)

Cullman County Board of Education
Fairview – Open seat
√ – Bill Ballew

Good Hope
√ Jason Speegle (R) (i)
√ Kerry Neighbors (R)

√  Kenny Brockman (R) (i)

Mike Graves (R) (i)

Republicans wishing to qualify should contact the Cullman County Republican Party.

Democrats wishing to qualify should contact the Cullman County Democrats.

If other candidates qualify, the Primary Elections will be June 5, 2018, with the General election scheduled for November 6, 2018.

Judge of Probate – Cullman County Courthouse


INTERVIEW Tammy Brown Seeks New Term As Judge of Probate

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