18 Wheeler Hauling Scrap Cars Overturns Dumps Load On Interstate 65

by | Feb 12, 2018 | 911, Public Safety

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18 Wheeler Hauling Scrap Cars Overturns Dumps Load On Interstate 65

Cullman County Hazardous Materials Team is working a strange incident at the 296 Mile Marker on Interstate 65 this morning.

An 18-wheeler hauling junk cars has overturned in the southbound lanes dumping its load across a vast expanse of the asphalt.

A total of six gutted cares and substantial amounts of automotive debris are littering a wide area of the Interstate.

The rig pulling the junk car trailer popped a diesel fuel leak during the incident which has brought out the Haz Mat response.

Personnel from Good Hope and Dodge City Fire Departments are active up and down the interstate around this mess.

Southbound traffic is greatly slowed – albeit passable – around the pile of vehicular parts and pieces. Motorists are backed up northward all the way to the Rest Area at the 301 Mile Marker.

Northbound traffic is not much better with a line of cars extending back towards the Colony 291 Exit.

Scott Gaither of the Haz Mat Team explains the situation:

“This all happened just before daybreak. When we first arrived, it was dark. We really couldn’t determine what had taken place at first. It looked like a war zone.

We have a mess all around. It will take a while to clean this all up. Not a great situation for Monday morning commuters.”

In addition to Haz Mat and Fire Departments, deputies from the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, and a Trooper from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency are working this mishap.

Motorists are advised to ride it out along Interstate 65. North and southbound lanes are passable. While you will be delayed, there is no quick or easy detour for this.

Interstate 65 at Mile Marker 296

18 Wheeler Hauling Scrap Cars Overturns Dumps Load On Interstate 65

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