40 YEARS Chief of Police Kenny Culpepper

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40 YEARS Chief of Police Kenny Culpepper

Cullman Chief of Police Kenny Culpepper received his 40-year pin tonight during the regular meeting of the Cullman City Council.

Chief Culpepper has served the citizens of the City of Cullman in various capacities at the Cullman Police Department since 1976!

Culpepper is one of only three Police Chiefs in the state of Alabama to serve for this duration or more.

Culpepper’s tenure as Chief of Police began on October 3, 1988.

We asked him if he will try for the 50-year mark. He replied, “No promises. You’ll have to ask my wife about that.”

In this interview, Chief Culpepper reminisces about his 40 years as a lawman, discusses the many changes that have occurred in law enforcement during his tenure, and looks positively forward to the future:

About Cullman Police Department

The Cullman Police Department is the largest municipal law enforcement agency in Cullman County.

A full-service police agency, the department has embraced a community-oriented philosophy and relies heavily on community involvement in problem-solving strategies.

It is through this approach of heightened community awareness in public safety matters that the Cullman Police Department most effectively addresses its major priority of providing a safe and secure environment for those who live, work, and play in the City of Cullman.

Historical Timeline

1875: The Town Marshal was required to furnish his badge at his own expense.
1876: The Town Marshal was paid an annual salary of $125. In 1877, however, he was In 1880, he was paid $.50 for each arrest made that ended in a conviction.
1877: The Town Marshal became able to earn extra income by removing the carcasses of dead animals. He would receive $1.50 for a hog or dog and $4.00 for cattle.
1880: The Town Marshal was now paid $.50 for each arrest made that ended in a conviction.
1886: Mayor ordered the Town Marshal to get rid of cowbells on city streets.
1894: A resolution was passed forbidding the Town Marshal from entering saloons to drink or play pool while on duty.
1897: A two-cell city jail was built for $325.
1905: The Town Marshal was paid $35 each month, with a $1 bonus for each conviction.
1915: The police force consisted of three men.
1920: The Chief of Police was paid $100 each month.
1921: A motorcycle was added to the force.
1923: The motorcycle was replaced with a Ford Roadster.
1931: A Chevrolet coach was put into service; Plans were presented for a 10′ x 12′ police station to be built at the corner of First Avenue and Fourth Street West.
1948: The police force consisted of seven men.
1953: An old truck was purchased for $100 and delegated to the dog catcher.
1955: A radar speed unit was purchased.
1962: Each officer was required to pay $2.50 each month for his uniforms.
1973: A code of rules and regulations was published.
1976: Air conditioning was added to the police station and jail.
2001: Police Department moved to the 2nd floor of the Cullman City Board of Education building.
2005: Patrol Division moved to the former Cullman Housing Authority Office.
2007: The Police Department began adding Dodge Chargers to their fleet of patrol vehicles.
2009: The new Police Department facility opened at 601 2nd Avenue Northeast, on the former Greif industrial property.

Chiefs of Police

05/21/1906 – 10/12/1908: M.C. Blackmon
11/19/1908 – 08/21/1911: G.A. Hickman
09/04/1911 – 09/18/1915: A.J. Hill
09/18/1915 – 01/18/1919: J.W. Sparks
01/18/1919 – 08/08/1919: C.B. Graves
08/18/1919 – 10/04/1920: J.S. Brasher
10/04/1920 – 03/20/1922: W.G. Windsor
03/20/1922 – 08/21/1922: J.W. West
08/21/1922 – 12/19/1922: A.A. Rollo
04/16/1923 – 11/17/1924: W.G. Windsor
11/17/1924 – 11/28/1932: J.H. Nix
11/28/1932 – 09/25/1939: Jack Tucker
09/28/1939 – 01/13/1947: W.M. Heaton
01/13/1947 – 09/11/1950: J.E. Pierce
09/25/1950 – 10/23/1950: E.E. Fulmer
10/04/1950 – 09/30/1952: G.C. Chapman
10/13/1952 – 09/30/1956: O.W. Hancock
10/08/1956 – 09/30/1960: G.C. Chapman
10/05/1960 – 09/30/1964: R.B. Moyer
10/04/1964 – 09/30/1972: Bascom Miller
10/01/1972 – 09/30/1984: Roy Wood, Jr.
10/01/1984 – 10/02/1988: Bill Mangum
10/03/1988 – PRESENT: Kenny Culpepper

Cullman Police Department

40 YEARS Chief of Police Kenny Culpepper

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