New Phone System Transforms Courthouse Communications

by | Feb 13, 2018 | County News, Cullman, Videos

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New Phone System Transforms Courthouse Communications

The Cullman County Courthouse under the direction of the Cullman County Commission has a new, citizen/user-friendly telephone system that will let you reach the right party much faster.

Until this week, citizens attempting to reach the various departments housed in the Courthouse had a somewhat delayed response.

Their telephone call(s) when to a single number that was either answered by an attendant OR went to voicemail. The person responsible for fielding those calls would then transfer them out to the appropriate party.

That methodology no longer exists.

Now, anyone wishing to speak with any County department can dial:


When the new telephone system answers, you can select the person/department by choosing from a voice menu.

Here is what you will experience:

Cullman County Clerk Charlotte Slatton is enthusiastic about this upgrade:

“Citizens can now call the Courthouse and get connected directly, and immediately, to the specific department they seek. One number does it all, no middle person or voicemail.


The Chairman, the Commissioners, and I are excited about this new telephone system. It will streamline workflow in this building, and far more importantly, make the incoming callers’ experience on the phones so much better.”

Cullman County Commission

New Phone System Transforms Courthouse Communications

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