45-23 Berlin Votes To Incorporate

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45-23 Berlin Votes To Incorporate

Residents within the defined areas of the Berlin Community went to their polling place at the Berlin Community Center from 7 am to 7 pm Tuesday.

Voters faced a simple YES or NO question.

It was their responsibility to determine if their community should incorporate into a jurisdiction called ‘Town of Berlin’, or not.

The voters weighed in. The vote count revealed the following results:

45 – Yes
23 – No

Long-time Berlin resident, and ‘YES’ proponent to the incorporation of the Town of Berlin, Jimmy Quick, discussed Tuesday’s historic vote in this interview immediately after the results posted:

Inspirational incorporation leader and logistic driving force – Patrick Bates – was succinct in his comments following the result announcement. Visibly pleased and relieved, Bates said:

“This is the first step; we are just at the beginning.”

The positive incorporation vote is a summation of years of meticulous planning, hard legal work and logistic execution for Bates and his Town of Berlin comrades.

While over 300 voters reside in the defined areas, only 68 came out to vote on a day with overcast skies and intermittent rain showers. Regardless of the number of people who turned out, the 66% margin was an unquestionable landslide for the ‘YES’ vote.

The cost of the election itself will approach $10,000. Bates will be the responsible party for the final payment amount.

The “… we are just at the beginning …” part of Bates statement refers to the business of now creating a Town with all the attendant civic, governmental, humanitarian, and legal details ahead.

The defined areas included in the ‘YES’ vote are lands surrounding the famed Highway 278 and County Road 747 intersection as well as the Grassy Hill, Walker Heights, Walkers Lot, and East Ridge subdivisions.

Town of Berlin

45-23 Berlin Votes To Incorporate

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