CATA Makes 4-Year Liberal Arts Degree Obsolete For Many Students

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CATA Makes 4-Year Liberal Arts Degree Obsolete For Many Students

Thursday was a big night in Cullman County for many students, parents, teachers, instructors, counselors, school administrators and elected officials.

The featured occasion was the Cullman Area Technology Academy (CATA) Open House and Campus Tour.

All 18 of the school’s technology-focused career education classrooms were open and staffed with instructors, active students and partner advisors from Wallace State Community College.

Guests at the open house were allowed to walk the expansive campus in South Vinemont freely. Visitors were able to witness the live-action vocational programs in full operation, engage in activities inherent on campus as well as interact and ask exploratory questions of students and instructors alike.

The Cullman Area Technology Academy provides these distinct, standalone technology and career education programs on their campus:

• Automobile Technology
• Building Construction
• Computer Science
• Cooperative Education
• Cosmetology
• Culinary Arts
• Drafting & CAD
• Electrical Technology
• Engineering
• Health Sciences
• HVAC & Refrigeration
• Horticulture & Greenhouse
• Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
• Mechatronics-Robotics
• Precision Machining
• Virtual School Program
• Vehicle Collision Repair
• Welding Technology

The CATA Open House and Campus Tour focused on capturing the attention of prospective students and inviting their parents to consider the academy’s many adults; career path focused educational benefits.

This Open House invited every parent to think about the future of their child.

They were keenly aware their soon-to-be-adult child will be expected to earn a job, start a career and ultimately support themselves financially, emotionally and otherwise.

CATA conclusively demonstrated that a 4-year liberal arts university education is just not for everyone, if not entirely obsolete for many students.

Being stuck in a low-end, non-career focused service job with only a standard high school diploma is not for everyone either. Up until just recently, the that huge gap between a GED and a full University education has left many students and young people with limited options for further education leading to stable employment and lucrative wage earning careers.

As Cullman Area Technology Academy proved Thursday night, that old reality is changing in Cullman County.

By offering an ever improving, and a truly incredible array of employment and educational opportunities to Cullman area students, graduates are soon able to provide marketable skills that many employers seek and covet.

As an example, experienced electrical workers make $30 to $35 per hour.

Thursday evening provided a golden opportunity for all participants to gain a solid, hands-on understanding of how to ensure a very bright future for their someday adult children.

Also, CATA served light refreshments, personalized guided campus tours, and gave out practical information on their Career/Technical Education opportunities including Fast Track for Industry representatives, Virtual School personnel.

Perhaps most convincing of all were the active students who demonstrated and spoke about all the various programs in real-world, plain speaking language.

About Cullman Area Technology Academy (CATA)

The Cullman Area Technology Academy operates under the direction of the Cullman County Board of Education. Many of CATA’s career education programs offer complete with a dual-enrollment option in conjunction with Wallace State Community College in Hanceville.

The core focus of the CATA campus is hands-on technical instruction and career path based teaching.

The academy is also closely partnered with the innovative Fast Track Academy at Wallace State. This program provides hundreds of local high school students with accelerated learning chances on both campuses.

CATA draws students from both the Cullman County and Cullman City school systems. Attending the academy lets students earn their high school diploma with a career/technical endorsement. Impressively, ALL of the academy’s career and professional teachers are Business and Industry certified.

CATA is arranged to allow sophomore (and older) students to divide their academic day between their home high school and the CATA campus.

County Schools provide free transportation between all their high schools and the Vinemont CATA campus.

The Cullman Area Technology Academy has a great relationship with Wallace State Community College and the Cullman-area Business/Industry community.

CONTACT Information
Principal Billy Troutman
Cullman Area Technology Academy
17640 US Highway 31 North
Cullman, AL 35058

CATA Makes 4-Year Liberal Arts Degree Obsolete For Many Students

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CATA – Cullman Area Technology Center

CATA Makes 4-Year Liberal Arts Degree Obsolete For Many Students

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