Fairview Schools On Soft Lockdown No Credible Threat Found

by | Feb 16, 2018 | County News, Cullman

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Fairview Schools On Soft Lockdown Today; No Credible Threat Found

Schools in the Fairview district are on soft lockdown today.

According to Superintendent of Cullman County Schools Shane Barnette, Fairview administrators became aware of online communications between students Thursday.

Due to very recent issues in schools across the country, administrators determined that those communications might potentially be a security threat to teachers and students. Investigators with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office were involved in the process as well.

Superintendent Barnette had this update on the matter early this morning:

“We have determined there is no legitimate or credible threat to the schools in Fairview. The schools are on soft lockdown solely as a precaution and us erring on the side conservatism and complete caution.


Soft lockdowns are a common practice and best standards protocol we invoke any time a concern exists in a school, or issues arise in the areas surrounding our schools.


I want to tap down any rumors or speculation about this situation. While we do have extra staff on-site as part of our standard procedure in cases like this – I want to reiterate – there is no credible threat nor immediate danger to anyone.


Rumors to anything other than what I’ve just said are unfounded and false.”

All Fairview schools are fully open and functioning normally this morning.

Fairview Schools

Fairview Schools On Soft Lockdown No Credible Threat Found

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