Inside the Health Sciences Incubator at Cullman Area Technology Center

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Inside the Health Sciences Incubator at Cullman Area Technology Center

This past Thursday was a significant day for the Cullman Area Technology Academy (CATA).

CATA held their much-anticipated annual open house and campus tour.

All 18 of the school’s technology-focused career education classrooms were open and staffed with instructors, active students and partner advisors from Wallace State Community College.

Guests at the open house were allowed to walk the expansive campus in South Vinemont freely. Visitors were able to witness the live-action vocational programs in full operation, engage in activities inherent on campus as well as interact and ask exploratory questions of students and instructors alike.

The Cullman Area Technology Academy provides these distinct, standalone technology and career education programs on their campus:

• Automobile Technology
• Building Construction
• Computer Science
• Cooperative Education
• Cosmetology
• Culinary Arts
• Drafting & CAD
• Electrical Technology
• Engineering
★ Health Sciences
• HVAC & Refrigeration
• Horticulture & Greenhouse
• Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
• Mechatronics-Robotics
• Precision Machining
• Virtual School Program
• Vehicle Collision Repair
• Welding Technology

The CATA Open House and Campus Tour focused on capturing the attention of prospective students and inviting their parents to consider the academy’s many adults; career path focused educational benefits.

We spent a considerable amount of time in the Health Sciences area.

The CATA Health Sciences department is an incubator for students who envision themselves one-day becoming physicians, nurses, or most any other type healthcare practitioner imaginable.

We received an in-depth tour of the classroom from five students and two instructors:

• Skyler Bowers
• Allison Crawford
• Chase Dupree
• Destiny Hunt
• McKenna Sharpton

• Tracy Smith – Registered Nurse Instructor
• Adriann Basch – Registered Nurse Instructor

T.J. Franey, the Special Projects and ASAP Coordinator for Cullman County Schools described the Health Science curriculum this way:

“This program provides high school students the essential knowledge and skills for pursuing careers in many healthcare occupations.


Rigorous and challenging content includes a variety of instructional strategies, work-based learning experiences, simulation, and on-site clinical rotations.


We incorporate and enforce employability skills that will assist them in their professional and personal lives. Our curriculum and teaching strategies focus on how to best prepare students for college, career, and life.”

That summation makes this program seem unusually challenging and intense. In many ways, it is. Students and instructors fully realize the profound importance of how their training and performance may one day directly affect patient’s lives.

At the same time, the Health Science department blends lighthearted, caring interpersonal relations with empirical facts and clinical precision.

This video provides an example of what you will find inside the Health Science:

CATA Principal Billy Troutman is both very pleased and impressed by this program:

“The Cullman Area Technology Center’s Health Science program is outstanding and awesome!


Led by RN’s Tracy Smith and Adriann Basch, they understand what our students are going through in their daily studies. With their practical experiences, the students get both an academic perspective as well as a real-world clinical reality. CATA Health Sciences is a shiny example of how student leadership generates career medical success starting at the high school level.


Students and parents considering a career in the health and wellness field need look no further for an A+ start on their career than right here.”

Cullman Area Technology Center

Inside the Health Sciences Incubator at Cullman Area Technology Center

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