Hanceville High Schools Get Proactive On School Safety

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Hanceville High Schools Get Proactive On School Safety
Superintendent, Mayor, Sheriff, Police Chief Address Students On Nationwide Epidemic Of School Violence

Principal Jimmy Collins of Hanceville High is an advocate for proactive, student-involved safety awareness in his school.

Recent events across the nation and within Cullman County have heightened concerns in Hanceville as well as across all county schools.

According to Principal Collins:

“At Hanceville High School, we are aware of the complex nature of school violence and threats thereof. Unfortunately, there is no simplistic, easy solution to this growing epidemic we are facing.


It is my belief – and that of many smart educators on the front lines of schools across the nation – one part of the overall solution begins in each school. Recognizing warning signs coming from students on a local, being proactive when those warning signs emerge and getting at-risk students the help and intervention they need is foremost in our minds.


Going forward, Hanceville High School will be proactive in this ‘first-step’ area of school safety.”

Collins’ second step concerning school safety at Hanceville High is to become as prepared as possible should an intruder, or active shooter should ever appear on campus.

On Monday, Collins invited Cullman County Schools Superintendent Shane Barnette, Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail, Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry, Hanceville Chief of Police Bob Long and Hanceville Fire Chief Rodger Green to Hanceville High School.

Flanked by the command staff, investigators and many patrol officers from the Hanceville Police Department, this group of men gathered in the library of Hanceville High School.

The goal: To get real, get serious and get proactive about school intruders and anyone actively threatening Hanceville High.

The grave potential and the real-world aftermath of an active school shooter held the full attention of everyone in the room throughout the 45-minute presentation.

This included a myriad of topics related to the micro-specifics of student/teacher safety and global, philosophical discussions on how to handle the problem and perceived threats across a broad spectrum.

After, Principal Collins led the group on a room by room tour of each room inside Hanceville, High, Middle and Elementary schools. The idea was to allow the 15 or so Hanceville police officers to get a visual feel of the layout and terrain of the interior and exterior of the school campus.

Here are some of Principal Collins’ specific remarks to the law enforcement personnel in attendance. He welcomed them onto campus at any time to assist with the protection of Hanceville schools:

We also spoke with Hanceville Chief of Police Bob Long who emphasized that it would be “ill-advised for any kid to make light of becoming a school shooter jokingly”:

In this interview, Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry discusses three different phases of school safety – School Resource Officers, Copy Cat Threats, How Society Has Arrived At School Shooters Becoming Commonplace:

In this video, Cullman County Schools Superintendent Shane Barnette addresses the attendees at today’s meeting in regards to seeking law enforcement’s assistance in preventing school violence:

Principal Collins summed up his school safety initiative this way:

“At Hanceville High School, we are doing everything possible to ensure we never have an active shooter or threatening intruder on our campus. In the unlikely event such a circumstance occurs, we are working to become as prepared, educated, vigilant and protective as is legally possible.


Having the support of the County School Board, the Superintendent and responsible law enforcement agencies does not necessarily make our job easier. However, it should give everyone – students, parents, families, teachers, and administrators – some peace of mind during this very challenging time in educational history.”

Superintendent Barnette plans to conduct a similar School Safety Meetings across all Cullman County School campuses shortly as well as conduct a larger School Safety Summitt involving ALL stakeholders in the county associated with ensuring public safety AND responding to violent incidents in the schools.

Hanceville High Schools Get Proactive On School Safety

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Hanceville High School

Hanceville High Schools Get Proactive On School Safety

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