RENNARDS GALLERY February 2018 Merchant Of The Month

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RENNARDS GALLERY February 2018 Merchant Of The Month

February 2018: Cullman Today Merchant Of The Month

Owner: Dennis and Shannon Berse
Business: Rennard’s Gallery

Address: 314 1st Ave SE, Cullman, AL 35055
Phone: 256-739-5997


In a world of Pinterest perfection (and Hobby Lobby readymades when your handmade project comes out less than Insta-worthy) it’s easy to forget that art isn’t always just another piece to complete your color scheme puzzle.

Great art tells a story; it invokes history, makes you feel on a level your conscious self-doesn’t always understand. Great art inspires conversation, controversy, and even copycats.

Trends and quick pick-ups do have their place. It can be nice to have something that matches the family down the street or the friend at school or work. We love to say “Oh, I have something just like that at home!”

But when you want something that showcases what makes you unique, when you want the world to remember you and not the trend, when you want to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression, you want Rennard’s.

For those who judge life by first impressions, don’t bother stopping in. Among the prints and posters your eyes would undoubtedly glance over without a thought, you’d miss the signed, original pen and ink drawing by legendary comic book artist Pablo Marcos.

You’d dismiss the 1561 Virgil Solis woodcut as a pretty artifact nested among new trinkets. And most likely the precise framing in progress at the back of the shop would distract you from the original Marc Chagall Lithograph that may take a moment to find.

But for those of you who recognize that greatness is found in even the most chaotic and unassuming of places, it awaits, both in the form of one-of-a-kind artwork and the one-of-a-kind owners. When you inevitably do feel that itch for something that sets you apart from the crowd and decides to step in, don’t expect a slick salesperson to fawn over you and try to upsell your every purchase.

Custodians of antiquities, owners Dennis and Shannon Berse are not people who will flatter or cajole you so that they can make a quick dollar.

Dennis is a man who will tell you about the history his beloved collection holds as quickly as he will dispense life advice during casual conversation. His friendly references to the great names of both modern and ancient art demonstrate a vast and intimate knowledge wholly focused on finding exactly the right piece for your home or office space.

Shannon is a woman who understands the design concerns of fitting a piece made in centuries past in a home built with the sensibilities of today and who, as a former bodybuilder, understands both the structure of craft and the structure of body.

Painting by: Kyle Dexter Ayers

Together, they are the perfect team to run the only art gallery that also features a gym.

For $50 per month, you can work your body and your mind under one roof. That’s just not something you find everywhere and further solidifies Rennard’s Gallery and B-Fit Gym as the Cullman Today February 2018 Merchant of the Month.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of some of the mentioned artwork, we have declined to post images here. However, you can see some photographs on the Rennard’s Gallery website, and Mr. Berse is more than happy to display his collection to those visiting his shop.

Services provided: artwork sold and appraised, framing, gym membership

Our February 2018 Merchant of the Month is sponsored by:

Cullman Downtown Merchant’s Association
Fancher Education Center

Cherelle Fancher

Cherelle Fancher


Fancher Education Center is the sponsor of the Cullman TodayMerchant of the Month‘ series.


RENNARDS GALLERY February 2018 Merchant Of The Month

images by Dennis Berse

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