30 Ton Big Rig Crumples 3 Ton Bridge On County Road 821

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30 Ton Big Rig Crumples 3 Ton Bridge On County Road 821

Initial Repair/Replacement Bill Estimated Near $500,000

Deputies with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office shut down County Road 821 in the Trimble Community around 7:45 pm Wednesday.

Deputies reported a motor vehicle accident as the reason for the road closure citing a partial collapse of the County Road 821 bridge that spans beautiful Rock Creek.

Rock Creek is a primary tributary feeding Smith Lake near the Trimble Worship Center along County Road 222.

The mishap worked by Deputies was no ordinary accident. The incident involved a 53 foot Dollar General (DG) 18-wheeler with a significantly merchandise loaded box trailer. The entire weight of the 18-heeler and cargo is roughly 30 tons.

According to emergency responders at the scene, the driver of the big DG rig was departing that store bound for the DG in Jones Chapel. Unfortunately, his Global Positioning System (GPS) provided some catastrophically poor directions.

With the GPS directing the big rig driver down the lightly traveled gravel of County Road 821, he was in short order faced with attempting a sharp left turn and then crossing the 3-ton rated bridge.

The decision to proceed – in hindsight – appears regrettable, and costly.

We met with Cullman County Commissioner Garry Marchman, and County Road Department bridge experts – John Brunner, Marty Robertson, and Bobby Childers – early this morning at the location.

This video utilizes these men’s expertise to explore the details of the incident and the ramifications Cullman County faces in dealing with the partial collapse, and now permanently closed unsafe bridge:

Built in the 1940’s, the repair costs from the damage sustained are prohibitive. This leaves two possible realistic options for the County to consider:

1. Demolition of this structure and the installation of a modern new bridge. The initial rough cost estimate on that effort is around $500,000.

2. Demolition of this bridge structure and then vacating County Road 821 as a thoroughfare altogether.

30 Ton Big Rig Crumples 3 Ton Bridge On County Road 821

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Rock Creek Bridge along County Road 821

30 Ton Big Rig Crumples 3 Ton Bridge On County Road 821

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