PRESS CONFERENCE Shane Barnette and Matt Gentry

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PRESS CONFERENCE Shane Barnette and Matt Gentry

Cullman County Schools Superintendent Shane Barnette and Sheriff Matt Gentry conduct a joint press conference summarizing the threats made to Good Hope and Vinemont Schools.

The Sheriff also announced the arrest of another suspect:


She was allegedly attempting to close Vinemont High School to ‘Buy Time’ in order to study for an upcoming test

Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry reports Emily Nicole Wilson (18) of Vinemont has been arrested in association with the online threat levied against Vinemont High School earlier this week.

Wilson has been charged with:


This charge is s Class C felony.

Wilson is a senior at Vinemont High School.

In the press conference, Superintendent of Cullman County Schools Shane Barnette reports he has not yet spoken with Wilson or her parents, nor has he made an official decision on school expulsion.

The press conference also revealed that Wilson posted her threat on an App called ‘TextNow‘ showing a firearm along with date and time. Her alleged rationale for sending the thinly veiled threat message was to ‘buy time’ so that she could get an extra day to study (by triggering a school closing via threat) for a test that was important to her.

Miss Wilson been charged with an offense, NOT convicted of a crime. The judicial process following this arrest ultimately determines her personal guilt or innocence in regards to the criminal charges. If found guilty of any of the charges, her criminal sentencing and possible punishment will be largely determined by the statutes written in the Alabama Code for such matters.

Cullman County Detention Center

PRESS CONFERENCE Shane Barnette and Matt Gentry

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