LIONEL BATES Father of Stony Fatality Rollover Victim Hannah Bates

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LIONEL BATES Father of Stony Fatality Rollover Victim Hannah Bates

Renders allegations that Stony Lonesome staffers drink alcohol with patrons; while seeking help from Cullman County Chairman and Commissioners

Lionel Bates – the father of Hannah Bates – attended Tuesday’s Cullman County Commission meeting.

Hannah Bates was killed late Saturday afternoon in a tragic RZR rollover crash at Stony Lonesome OHV Park in Bremen.

For background, see:

Mr. Bates did not hold back in condemning the operations of Stony Lonesome.

He publicly rendered allegations of park employees consuming alcoholic beverages with park patrons while issuing a plea for help to Chairman Kenneth Walker and Commissioners Garry Marchman and Kerry Watson.

You can see a portion of his public testimony before the Commission in this video:

After the formal meeting concluded, Chairman Walker offered condolences to the Bates family and provided assurances in regards to park safety:

“I just want to let everyone know that our condolences goes out to the Bates family and we are doing and have done everything we can to make that a safe place for a family event. We hate it. I’m sorry. Our prayers go out to you and your family and if there’s anything we can do let us know.”

Bates full public remarks are as follows:

“Well, there’s plenty. There’s a whole lot of safety issues at this place. I can make you a long list if you need somebody to help you. If understand anything, and you want to go look yourself, there are a lot of safety issues there. And alcohol is the worst one. Alcohol, apparently, is approved there. The staff drinks with them. The man run off the cliff. He couldn’t even stand up, but he was uninjured.


Who monitors this?


How long did it take anybody to get there, rapid responders. What kind of safety equipment is in place? What kind of medical staff is in place? It happens frequently. How long did my daughter lay under this RZR? Hours? Could she get a breath?”


Don’t let this happen to nobody else.


I’m not a stupid person. I understand a little about engineering myself. It’s terrible what’s been allowed to go on down there and I’m sorry for the other families that have lost their children, but if you could wear these shoes, you’d have a whole lot different understanding. I know you guys are the ones who can put it in place and get it done. We need help.”

Cullman County Commission

LIONEL BATES Father of Stony Fatality Rollover Victim Hannah Bates

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