First Ever Industrial Plant Coming To Good Hope AGCOR STEEL

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First Ever Industrial Plant Coming To Good Hope AGCOR STEEL

City of Good Hope Mayor Jerry Bartlett continued his recent economic barnstorming tour Monday addressing the Cullman City Council.

Bartlett spoke last week before the Cullman County Commission.

The Mayor’s mission is a simple one in theory: Bring home-grown industrial and retail steel company – AGCOR Steel – to Good Hope.

AGCOR Steel is co-owned by Zac Smith and Scott Seawright. Smith is a Cullman High School graduate.

Back in 2015, the firm opened a new location in Vinemont in a legacy cabinetry shop behind Apel Steel on Goodwin Road.

In 2016, AGCOR Steel announced plans to expand the operation into the Berlin community with the projections of doubling its workforce.

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Granted a $4 million tax abatement from the Cullman County Commission, it looked inevitable the company would, in fact, take new root east of the City of Cullman.

Unfortunately, issues with the proposed land and community acceptable ingress/egress made that project not economically feasible.

Recently, the company’s focus appeared to turn away from Cullman towards Gadsden for a new location. Seawright hails from that area.

In recent months, AGCOR and the City of Good Hope had a tentative meetings on bringing AGCOR to Good Hope.

From that point, a historical economic initiative emerged which brings together the economic arms of the City of Cullman, the Cullman County Commission, and the City of Good Hope.

In this interview, Mayor Bartlett explains this first-ever governmental collaboration that looks poised to accomplish the goal of keeping AGCOR in Cullman County AND additionally achieve a landmark – the first industrial production plant – in Good Hope history:

This project is important from a historical perspective. This is the first time the City of Cullman, the City of Good Hope, and the Cullman County Commission, have all jointly participated in an economic development venture of this type.

Dale Greer – the Director of the Cullman Economic Development Agency – outlines the nuts and bolts of the plan:

“The three governments – Good Hope, City of Cullman and Cullman County – have agreed to relinquish a portion of tax revenue that does not yet exist.


Everyone hopes that Agcor will be successful in the new Good Hope location. If that holds true, as we expect, every party wins.


AGCOR gets a combination of a 3/4 cent of sales tax rebate (1/4 cent from each government entirety) with over 7 cents still going into tax revenues among each jurisdiction.


These motivating factors are in addition to the new jobs and capital investments coming into the Cullman economy from this project.


It is important to note that the sales tax rebate is only on AGCOR Steel’s retail sales above their current levels. This means, if there is no growth in sales, there is no incentive.


I believe this is a landmark agreement that will make it possible for us to do joint ventures of this type in the future … which we could never do before.


I am excited about the future from what we achieved in this truly historic process.”

City of Good Hope

First Ever Industrial Plant Coming To Good Hope AGCOR STEEL

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