WEEK 3 Sheriffs Citizen Academy – Use of Deadly Force

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WEEK 3 Sheriffs Citizen Academy – Use of Deadly Force

Week 3 of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy moved from new their Training Center at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office to a lecture hall hidden in the bowels of Wallace State Community College.

Beginning at 6:00 pm Tuesday evening, the topic for the 75 student attendees involved the use of deadly force – often in no-win scenarios. Patrol deputies can face these potentially fatal circumstances at any time and any place.

After a brief explanation by Sheriff Matt Gentry of what ‘Shoot / Don’t Shoot‘ scenarios entail, Sergeant David Nunn and Deputy Chad Whaley launched into the hardcore, street-level details. The 75 or so Sheriff’s Citizen Academy enrollees in attendance may face lethal situations during this coming week’s real-life, real-time ‘ride alongs’ with Cullman County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Utilizing the Training Lab ‘Use of Force Simulator‘ from TI Training, students got to both shoot at bad guys AND be shot at by bad guys. Invisible ammunition flew throughout the evening.

This near-IMAX like simulator posed life-or-death, split-second decision-making scenarios on the would-be citizen deputies:

Next week, the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy students will explore the world of  SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics). Attendees will get up close and hands-on with this highly skilled Cullman law enforcement unit.

The group will use specialized equipment and tactics, deploying against threats of terrorism, crowd control, and high-risk situations beyond the capabilities of ordinary law enforcement.

WEEK 3 Sheriffs Citizen Academy – Use of Deadly Force

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Wallace State Community College

WEEK 3 Sheriffs Citizen Academy – Use of Deadly Force

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