Multiple Flip Rollover Ejects Man From Vehicle Transported To UAB

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Multiple Flip Rollover Ejects Man From Vehicle Transported To UAB

Cullman e911 dispatched emergency responders this evening to a location along County Road 565 just west of the City of Hanceville.

The 911 caller reported a one-car motor vehicle accident resulting in multiple rollovers.

Personnel from Hanceville Police Department, Hanceville Fire & Rescue and Cullman EMS were active at the scene along with two Troopers from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

A red SUV-type vehicle (due to damage to the vehicle, it is not clear the exact make and model) was traveling eastbound on County Road 565. The vehicle missed a sweeping left turn by going straight off the roadway. (It is unknown what transpired inside the cab of the SUV to make it lose the turn).

Britt Banks of Hanceville Fire & Rescue explains what happened next:

“Once the driver left the asphalt, he encountered a fence with some 6-to-8 inch wooden posts. His SUV took out two of the posts and then proceeded to roll over multiple times across a grass field.

During the flips, the occupant was ejected into the field while the vehicle itself continued for another 250 feet or so before it plunged into a deep drainage ditch that connects with Mud Creek.”

The victim’s cry for help was audible to a neighbor who heard the crash and came outside to see what had happened. In a great show of citizen caring, the neighbor was able to locate the man in the dark and carried him to his home across County Road 565 until EMS personnel arrived.

Brad C Jones, an officer with the Hanceville Police Department, described the medical response:

“I was impressed by the neighbor who called 911 and rescued the injured man.


Air Evac was called in, but due to delayed availability the victim was transported by a Cullman EMS ambulance directly to UAB Medical Center.”

Both Banks and Jones expressed how lucky they believe the man was surviving such a crash and remaining conscious throughout.

In this crash airbags deployed.

County Road 565 has just been re-opened to through traffic (it was closed in both directions for over one hour).

County Road 565

Multiple Flip Rollover Ejects Man From Vehicle Transported To UAB

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