ENHANCED RISK Large Hail Damaging Winds Tornadoes Monday

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ENHANCED RISK: Large Hail, Damaging Winds, and Tornadoes Monday

It looks likely we are shaping up for the opening day of the annual springtime severe thunderstorm season.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham is calling for an Enhanced Risk of Severe Storms from 3 pm to 11 pm Monday.

The threats potentially include:

• Tennis Ball sized Hail
• Tornadoes
• Damaging Straight-line Winds up to 70 mph

The NWS Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK, concurs:

Computer models defining a thing called STP (Significant Tornado Parameter) indicate the potential for tornadoes across northern Alabama:

Some storms could pop-up before 3 pm, however those instances will be scattered and random at this point. It is likely that after 3 pm, these threats will increase.

The weather system does not look like a big rainmaker. Limited, if any, flooding will be associated with these storms.

James Spann said earlier this morning:

“Severe weather threats are VERY common in Alabama in March, April, and May. There is absolutely no need to be fearful, just be prepared.”

That’s right on, and great advice. Be prepared mid-Monday afternoon and into the evening!

ENHANCED RISK Large Hail Damaging Winds Tornadoes Monday

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