WEEK 4 Sheriffs Citizen Academy SWAT

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WEEK 4 Sheriffs Citizen Academy SWAT

Highlighted in Week 4 of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy were elevated pulse rates and excess blood cortisol levels.

Academy attendees gathered this week at a law enforcement training house not far from the Cullman Police Department.

Week 4 of the Academy was focused solely on the intricacies and real-world situational aspects of the SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) unit.

This highly trained, and expertly skilled unit exists for situations beyond the normal capabilities of ordinary law enforcement. These agents from the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office represent the most lethal form of local tactical intervention available.

Lieutenant Doug Duke assembled all 75 Academy students in a circle in the yard of the training house. He explained various critical aspects of this unit. He also demonstrated the sonic explosion produced by a ‘low roll distraction device’.

This educational session was just a prelude to students entering the training house and witnessing – from the inside – a full-on assault by the unit.

The video below shows what happened at the training house during an example entry to present a warrant to the home’s alleged
criminal occupants.

We intentionally muted the sound levels in this video the protection of your ears. (All participants in this training utilized protection ear wear during the exercise):

The Sheriff’s Citizen Academy 2018 resumes Tuesday night for Week 5 with an as yet unknown curriculum.

WEEK 4 Sheriffs Citizen Academy SWAT

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Cullman Police Department Training House

WEEK 4 Sheriffs Citizen Academy SWAT

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