Now Former Vinemont Elementary Counselor Chasity McRae Arrested

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CHASITY McRAE (now former Vinemont Elementary Counselor)

Charged With Engaging in a Sex Act with a Student Under the Age of 19

On Thursday, March 15th, 2018, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office Investigators arrested:

CHASITY McRAE (35) of Cullman.

She was charged with:

• Engaging in a Sex Act with a student under the age of 19

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At the time of the arrest, Mcrae was employed as an elementary school counselor in Vinemont school system.

The arrest stems from an investigation by the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office after receiving information that Mcrae may be involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student.

After corroborating the initial complaint, Mcrae was placed under arrest by CCSO Investigators.

Mcrae was released from the Cullman County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.

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Note: Chasity McRae been charged with an offense, NOT convicted of crimes.

The judicial process following this arrest ultimately determines her personal guilt or innocence in regards to the criminal charges. If found guilty of any of the charges, her criminal sentencing and possible punishment will be largely determined by the statutes written in the Alabama Code for such matters.

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The information and booking photograph shown here has been provided by Cullman County Sheriff’s Office and Chief Deputy Brett Holmes.

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Vinemont Elementary School

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Now Former Vinemont Elementary Counselor Chasity McRae Arrested

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story and image by Facebook & Cullman County Sheriff’s Office


Timothy Collins

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at