Spring 2018 Sportsman Lake Park Yard Sale

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Spring 2018 Sportsman Lake Park Yard Sale

Despite early morning rains Saturday, the Spring 2018 Sportsman Lake Park Yard Sale had thousands of shoppers coming through the park gates throughout the day.

It was an excellent park setting to kick-off the Cullman County Parks & Recreation 2018 outdoor event season. In addition to the mega-yard sale, the staff had the park’s full complement of child-friendly activities available, thus allowing the Yard Sale event to be a daylong family adventure.

With light rain falling, the scheduled 7 am start time saw a reduced number of guests as well as vendors either setting up late or scrambling to cover their products with tarps. By 9 am, the rains ended. By mid-morning, the sun began peeking through the thick cloud cover.

Due to the effective rain delay, Sportsman Lake Park Director Randall Campbell (who was the official Master of Ceremonies) waived the 3 pm ending time for the event. This allowed vendors and attendees to be continues on until 6 pm.

The event was what you’d expect: A giant yard sales with almost every imaginable item for sale.

At two points during the day, motorists attempting to enter the park were stacked up all the way to Highway 31. Nonetheless, drivers were well behaved with no incidents (except for an unfortunate incident behind the stage area).

Everything ran smoothly as thousands of people made their way into the park throughout the day.

The Spring Yard Sale originally came about to help both city and county residents who wished to have garage and yard sales of their own, but for a variety of reasons, could not.

In this video Director of Cullman County Parks Doug Davenport discusses the opening of the outdoor event season across all county parks. Also, Campbell shows off his new intra-lake water feature and talks about the three eagles that are making this park their home:

The next major public event at Sportsman Lake Park will be the Easter Egg Hunt on April 15, 2017.

If you missed this Yard Sale – or liked it so much you can’t wait for the next one – you are in luck! The Spring 2018 Cullman Countywide Yard Sale at SMITH LAKE PARK is coming up this weekend on Saturday, March 24th from 7 am to 3 pm. Be there!

Spring 2018 Sportsman Lake Park Yard Sale

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Sportsman Lake Park

Spring 2018 Sportsman Lake Park Yard Sale

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