Cullman Is The 11th Fastest Growing County In Alabama

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Cullman Is The 11th Fastest Growing County In Alabama

Have more people moved to Cullman County than who have left over the last seven years?

Yes, but only at a gain rate of 335 people per year (+0.41% per year).

The good news is that most counties around Alabama saw their residents DECREASE during the past seven years.

Populations in only 22 of the 67 Alabama counties grew from 2010 to 2017.

According to data released over the last week by the United States Census Bureau, Cullman County’s population broke down this way:

82,755 – Population estimates, July 1, 2017
80,406 – Population, Census, April 1, 2010
2.349 – Net Population Gain
2.9% – Population, percent change

In comparison, the entire state of Alabama’s population grew by 2 percent during the same period (2010 to 2017). Alabama added 95,011 people to bring the population count to 4.87 million.

The state’s growth has come from a limited few counties that are seeing significant gains in population:

Baldwin County – 30,363 new residents
Lee County – 21,357
Limestone County – 11,620

Some locales are rapidly shedding residents:

Lowndes County – lost 10.8% of their population
Perry County – lost 11.8%
Macon County – lost 12.6%


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Some other interesting facts about Cullman County’s Demographics (from 2016, the latest estimate):

92.3% – White / Caucasian
4.3% – Hispanic or Latinio
1.3% – Black or African American
1.3% – Mixed Race
0.6% – Native American
0.6% – Asian
0.1% – Pacific Islander
(0.4%) – Rounding Errors

82.2% – High School Diploma Holders or higher
15.0% – Bachelor Degrees Or Higher
14.9% – Persons In Poverty
14.1% – Persons Without Health Insurance
10.6% – Persons Under Age 65 With A Disability
2.8% – Born Outside the USA

31,081 – Households
5,517 – Military Veterans
26.5 – Mean Travel Time To Work (in minutes)

$39,297 – Median Household Income
$21,041 – Per Capita Income

42,226 – Persons Following Cullman Today
(March 2018 – across all channels)

See it for yourself in the US. Census Bureau Dashboard

Cullman County Alabama

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