April 2018 Proclaimed Child Abuse Prevention Month

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April 2018 Proclaimed Child Abuse Prevention Month

The month of April has been proclaimed today as ‘Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month’ by the Cullman County Commission.

During the Commission’s regularly semi-monthly regular meeting, Cullman County Clerk Charlotte Slatton read to those gathered a Proclamation she drafted, and that Chairman Kenneth Walker and Commissioners Garry Marchman and Kerry Watson signed.

The Proclamation was then placed into the form of a motion, it was seconded and approved by both Commissioners. As a result, April 2018 will be Cullman County Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month.

On hand to receive the written proclamation were Javon Daniel and Nancy Bryant. Daniel is the Executive Director of Cullman Caring for Kids; Bryant is the Assistant Director of the same organization.

Cullman Caring For Kids is the preeminent organization in Cullman County that directly and daily deals will all aspect of child abuse.

This Proclamation was also rendered on behalf Brooks’ Place – Child Advocacy Center of Cullman, AL, Inc. with Director Gail Swafford, and a host of staff and supporters accepting the document.

Brooks’ Place Child Advocacy Center of Cullman provides a neutral, home-like setting where child victims of sexual and physical abuse where clients may receive a wide-range of services including joint team interviews by the Department of Human Resources and law enforcement personnel.

National Abuser Statistics

• 5 children in America will die today from abuse or neglect
• Nearly 80% of abused children who die are under 5 years old
• Children between the ages of 0 and 4 are the most frequent victims
• In 93% of abuse cases the child knows the perpetrator 1 in 3 of all girls
• 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused before they are 18
• Abused children are 6 times more likely to abuse their own children
• 85% of violent criminals in prison today witnessed violence at home growing up
• In 2010, an estimated 1,560 children died from abuse and neglect in the USA

Cullman County Commission

April 2018 Proclaimed Child Abuse Prevention Month

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