Fully Involved Car Fire Shuts Down Interstate 65

by | Mar 31, 2018 | Fires, Public Safety

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Fully Involved Car Fire Shuts Down Interstate 65

What looks like a white Nissan sedan is fully engulfed in flames just south of Mile Marker 299 on Interstate 65. This is in the Dodge City fire coverage area.

Personnel from Dodge City Fire & Rescue are just now arriving at the location along with a deputy from the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office.

We expect Cullman EMS and a Trooper to arrive shortly.

Fortunately, the car’s occupants were able to escape before the blaze overtook them. There are currently no injuries to anyone, including firefighters.

This incident is creating a blockage in both the north and southbound lanes of the interstate at the moment.

Traffic is backed up south towards Blount County (that’s about a 9-mile traffic jam) with some late-arriving motorists detouring onto Highway 91 for the trip into Hanceville and onto Cullman and points north.

Southbound traffic is stalled with a back-up north beyond the MM300 rest area. As you’d expect, Exit 299 in Dodge City is getting a more than ample flurry of motorists attempt to avoid and detour.

It is fundamentally a traffic mess in all direction.

We spoke briefly with Dodge City Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief Trey Doyle moments after he and his crew finally extinguished the raging fire:

“Well Tim, this is what you call a fully involved car fire. It was burning super hot when we arrived on scene. Fortunately, there were NO injuries. However, this will take a while to get fully cleaned up. The interstate is going to be a mess for a while to come. Motorists will just have to be patient, we are moving as fast as we safely can.”

Interstate 65 at Mile Marker 299

Fully Involved Car Fire Shuts Down Interstate 65

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